Alice in Wonderland

17 12 2008

As I have mentioned before.  I really really love doing the window.  I think that there are something interesting about the 3d dimension of installing props and clothes.  The mannequin girls are always having some sort of activity to do.  I often enjoy coming up with a story for the window.  I think that I drive my husband, Brad crazy.  I usually ask him and our friends for all kind of props.  The joy of being married to a mad window dresser!


It took me quite a while to find a white apron and a tea set.  It was worth the search.


I was lucky that my friend Jeanne had the giant playing cards.  I also love all the jewelry pieces from Demimonde by Rachael Donaldson and the Paris charm bracelet from Gallery by Maya.


I love the little bunny.  It was handmade by a talented illustrator in Bangkok.  The necklace is one of my favorite from Demimonde, Portland.  The handmade fushia pocket book is from Jesse Champlin of Rush Accessories in Portland as well.  The fushia blouse is from IRO.   The two designer brothers are from Paris.


The printed silk dress is also from IRO.  The black gold chain handbag is from my dear friend Jenny Yuen, New York.

Lovely New York

16 12 2008

It is so nice to be back in New York.  To see all the familiar friendly faces.  I do miss all my friends very much.  I wish Portland and New York were much closer than this.  Truly a treat to see everyone.


I woke up to this view every morning at my dearest friend Sue’s apartment.  Such a priveleged to see the Chrysler building daily.  Many thank yous to Sue for her kindness and for the wonderful visit.


I love New York during the holidays.  It is so festive and so beautiful everywhere!


My amazing friend Sue and I were on our way to MOMA.


Grand Central.


Our old neighborhood Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  I can’t believe of how many new shops, restaurants, and condos are everywhere.  Our favorite old Polish markets, cafes, and video rental shops have all gone away within a year.  Even the laundry place has turned into a trendy restaurant.  So sad!


Brad and my old apartment on Bedford Avenue.  It is the second floor above a great Polish restaurant and a little market.  I was thankful that both of the places are still there.


My lovely friend Elisha.  I was making her walk around with me in my old neighborhood.  We had a nice time back in Brooklyn.


Two of our sweetest friends Mike and Amy in Red Hook just had a brand new baby boy.  Meet the adorable Harry!


Paridee my social butterfly friend.  We loved this little gallery in lower east side.


Interesting building in Soho.

More beautiful images from Spring/Summer 2009

5 12 2008

This collection is dedicated to the most influential women in my life.

Here is to my grannie, my mum and all my lovely amazing girlfriends.  Cheers to them!


Angie Dress


Amy Dress


Chintana Dress


Jennifer Dress


Barbara Blouse


Salwa Dress


Maura Dress


Sarah Blouse and Shorts


Rumjuan Dress

IDOM Spring/Summer 2009

3 12 2008

We are so delighted and so excited at the result of this creepy, but beautiful photo shoot for our spring 09 collection.  Our talented photographer Elizabeth Russell-Baumgartner shot exquisite images for this collection.  We are amazingly lucky to have Marc

Returning to the Mothership!

2 12 2008

I am heading back to New York City in couple days.  Looking forward to see all my lovely peeps and my old neighborhoods.  Here are some of my favorite places.


Brooklyn Bridge


Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  This is on Bedford Ave.  Our old apartment was not too far from this L train subway stop.


Central Park


Union Square


I am praying that I will not be going back to this kind of snow storm situation.  This was in front of our old apartment.  I guess this is a risk you take of traveling to the east coast during the winter.  I was telling my friend Salwa that I will have to pull out my old New York hard core winter coat.  Yikess!!

Mumbai and Bangkok

1 12 2008

Mumbai, India


A sense of the ferocity of the assault on Mumbai over the course of three days is visible at sites across the Indian city.

Memorial to the dead outside the Taj Mahal hotel

Memorials to the dead have been created across the city.


Outside the Taj Mahal hotel, which was also badly damaged in the attacks, clearing up continues.


The grief caused by a group of young men determined to cause mayhem is incalculable.


Hospitals across the city are treating the many wounded.

Bangkok, Thailand


Tensions are simmering as the occupation of the Thai capital’s two main airports continues.


The protesters, who want the government to resign, have occupied both the international and domestic airports, forcing the cancellation of all flights.


The stand-off is raising fears of clashes between pro- and anti-government factions. Early on Sunday, about 50 protesters were hurt in a grenade attack attributed to government supporters.


Tens of thousands of travellers are stuck in the Thai capital. Flights are leaving from airports outside Bangkok, but supply cannot meet demand.


But there was good news for a group of Thai Muslims, who were due to set off for their Haj pilgrimage from U-Tapao air base south of Bangkok.


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