Happy Weekend

19 10 2012

Enjoy the colours of autumn everyone.  Wishing you a happy weekend.  We are off to a little adventure this weekend for B’s birthday festivity.

Ta ta for now.

Lovely pic by chris glass.


13 07 2012

This summer yellow is making me happy.

Photo via here.

S/S 12 One of a kind polka dots dress.  Shot by Elizabeth Russell.

Found this beauty on the side walk the other day.  Pic by me.

Can’t get enough of sun flowers.  Pic is also by moi.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Picnic and Sunshine

19 06 2012

My dream this summer is to have friends over for a picnic feast outdoors.  Only if the sun will return soon.  Fingers crossed.  In the mean time this set up is truly exquisite.

Images via Dotty Love.


18 06 2012

I have been enjoying pink and its neon possibility lately…  Makes me want to dance.

Photos found via here.

Enjoy your Monday everyone.

The Love of Peonies

14 06 2012

Enjoying the lovely peonies from our yard.  They are inspiring me to design more and reminding me to be more in the moment.  There are so much beauty around us.  All we have to do is slow down and take it all in.

My morning ritual.  Finding inspiration, sketching, and drinking tea.

From our yard.

Yummy break.

Such a great reminder to appreciate what we already may possessed.

Happy Thursday lovelies.

More blue please!

12 06 2012
I’m predicting a trend that blue is a new black.  And marble is a current favourite. This pic makes me giddy.
Keep warm and dry everyone.


11 06 2012

It is a beautiful blue Monday.  Enjoy this gorgeous sunshine lovelies.

Sorry I don’t have the sources for these pics.
Again please make an appointment with us if you would like to come and visit our studio/showroom.  Contact us by email at modi@idomdesigns.com.
caitlin & modi

Purple and Pink Friday

9 03 2012

C has a brilliant idea on sharing our current obsession on colours weekly.  Lately we have been craving purple and pink.  I think we are ready for spring vibrant sunshine.

New origami tunic of course in purple.  The new pieces are available at our studio now.

Colour inspiration

Another dress that we love.  Cotton fabric is hand-loomed from Northern Thailand.

Pink scarf that is almost purple.

More pink and purple inspiration.

IDOM lovely printed scarf.

Our March studio hours are Saturday+Sunday from noon-6 pm.  You can always make appointment on weekday as well.  Just email me or ring me, modi@idomdesigns.com or +1 503 477 6818.  The studio is located at 811 East Burnside, Suite 213, Portland, OR 97214.  The charming space is on the 2nd floor facing Burnside Street.

Hope to see you over this weekend.  Enjoy the gorgeous weather everyone.

P.S.  I have family emergency today Friday (March 9th).  I won’t make it into the studio today.  Promise to be there over the weekend.  Thanks very much.


25 10 2011

I have been craving cobalt blue lately.  This piece is from S/S12.  I’m asking our amazing contractors to please make this dress as soon as possible.  I need more vibrant blue in my life.

Wishing you a beautiful one.

Colours and Patterns

11 10 2011

There is nothing like mixing patterns and colours into your ensemble.  It will make you feel so alive and beautiful.  Take a chance and run with it.  After all fashion is suppose to be fun and experimental.  Life is too short to be afraid of colours and patterns.  Throw away that box and live your life freely.

Shot by Tommy Ton during NYFW.  Found via Style.

Wishing you a bright vibrant Tuesday.


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