Life at the beach part 2

16 05 2012

I’m back at the beach this week. Hanging out with our neighbour’s sweet dog nom kho and sweet kitty ma li. Life is much slower here.













Adventure with my little cousins in ubon province

11 05 2012

Having fun with my little cousins in northeastern part of Thailand. The kiddos are fun to hang out with. Meet Neptune and Nuuy.





Hanging out with kitty

5 04 2012

As you may have known already.  I’m a cat lady.  Stares At Tress has been our companion for the last 11 years.  She is our family and our only kiddo.  Plus she is a great traveler.  Perfect kitty for us.  I’m fighting off some sort of a flu.  Stares has been a lovely nurse being by my side.

Okay back to bed.  Enjoy your Thursday everyone.

Adorable Thursday

23 02 2012

Need I say more??

Pic found via here.

Cute, Cute, Cute!

29 08 2011

We are obsessed over the cute tea sets and adorable erasers.  Can’t get enough of lovely things from Japan.

Giraffe Tea for Two.

Safari, so good. This whimsical zebra tea set for one and giraffe tea for two is a great gift for your favourite animal lover. Ceramic with stainless steel strainer in the teapot.

School would be much funner with the wonderful animal erasers.

Hope to see you soon.  Enjoy your week everyone.

Lucky Kitties

26 08 2011

Need more luck?  The lucky kitties from Japan should bring you some good fortune your way.

Wishing you a wonderful Friday. Hope to see you soon.

More cups and mugs please!

23 08 2011

More lovely cups and mugs from Japan.

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone.


19 08 2011

I have an infinite love for “kuwaii” (a Japanese slang word meaning cute, cool, etc…) anything via Japan.  Take a look.

The cute darling bentos reminded me of what my parents used to pack my lunches for school.  I had many styles with my favourite illustration and Japanese cartoon characters of course.  The elephant and the monkey are illustrated by Shinzi Katoh.  His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world. This bento box features 2 interior compartments (1 with a fitted plastic lid) and a coordinating rubber band to hold it all together. 5.5″ x 3.75″ x 3″h. No more plastic sandwich bags or old storage containers for your lunch or snacks!

Perfect animal mugs are back.  You can learn Japanese as your drink your tea.

We love know your bugs mug.  Come check out all the new “kawaii” via Japan.  Promise more pic of new treasures soon.

Hope to see you soon.  Ta, ta.


22 04 2010

I woke up early morning to a phone call from my parents.  There has been 4 explosions in Bangkok on Thursday night.  About 6 am Portland time.  The grenades were thrown off  and landed by Silom Sky Train station in financial district of central Bangkok.  BBC Asia reported that 3 people were killed and 70 people injured.  My heart hurts thinking about the people and the chaos in my beloved city.  My thoughts are with everyone in Bangkok.  Trying to recovered from bad news with cuteness from Thailand.  I figured that life is often filled with so much sadness and suffering.   Although it is also filled with joy and happiness.  Thought I share cute photos with you.

The twin were born in early March of this year and only two hours apart in a rural part of Thailand’s Surin province.  The pair, named Thong-Kum and Thong-Tang, are the first known set of male twin elephants in the world, born to 35-year-old mum Phang Thong Khun.  Domestic elephants number about 100,000 in Thailand a century ago, when they were employed in logging and transportation in most parts of the kingdom. Elephants in Thailand are a national symbol but are drastically declining in population.  Their numbers have since fallen to fewer than 4,000 with most working in the tourism industry.

The boys are adorable and healthy!

Our first baby panda girl born in Thailand last May.  She will be soon be turning one.  Lin Ping is very cute!  The name Lin Ping is representative both of the cub’s Chinese heritage (her parents are on loan to the Chiang Mai Zoo from China) and her Thai birthplace. The name, which translates to “forest of ice” in Chinese, honors the cub’s mother, Lin Hui, and calls to mind the name of the Ping, a river in Thailand.  She is even more adorable in person.

These little guys really cheered me up!  Have a wonderful Thursday.

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My Secret Obsession

3 03 2010

This site has been making me laugh and happy daily.  These guys are so cute.  I promised Nicole and Maura to share the link.  Here it is Tada’s Revolution.  You will be addicted too.  Enjoy!

You should really check out Tada’ Revolution.  The caption below for these adorable creatures are darling and funny.  They will make you really happy.  Have a fantastic week.

All images courtesy of Tada’s Revolution.

P.S.  Thanks Nic and Maura for a lovely visit and yummy dinner.  Little Gemma is beautiful.


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