Autumn Inspiration

28 09 2012

It feels a bit odd not to be designing for the next season.  No sample making, no photo shoot plan, no inspiration board, and no juggling act between designing and running a shop.  I’m a little lost at times.  But it helps to look at all the beautiful images for the autumn season.  At least I could still decorate my house and make dresses for myself.  It is one benefit of not having a shop.  I don’t have to please anyone else but myself.  Refreshing really…

Lovely images found via here.

Wishing you a brilliant weekend.

Lovely Weekend

14 09 2012

We are off to probably our last camping trip of the summer.  It will be lovely to say goodbye to the sunny days.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.

This bear pic makes me happy.  Such an attitude!  Sorry no source for this guy.

Lovely weekend to you!

Part 2 of life from up above

31 08 2012

Here are more pics from our latest backpacking trip via Mt. Hood. Enjoy your Friday everyone.






Beach holiday

20 07 2012

Nothing like being on holiday at the beach with good friends and beautiful ocean.








13 07 2012

This summer yellow is making me happy.

Photo via here.

S/S 12 One of a kind polka dots dress.  Shot by Elizabeth Russell.

Found this beauty on the side walk the other day.  Pic by me.

Can’t get enough of sun flowers.  Pic is also by moi.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Bon anniversaire to IDOM!

6 07 2012

We are turning 5 today.  Please visit us this afternoon from 4 pm until 9 pm for our birthday party.  Lots of sweet treats and drinks.  Take 30% off of everything in our studio.  Hope to see you soon.

s/s 12

Also many thanks to Jen via Honey Kennedy for the write up on our birthday party.

Please check out her lovely blog and read more about the post here.

Big thank you as always to Marjorie via Portland Mercury for her post on our Anniversary party.

Check out her blog here.

See you today.


Caitlin and Modi

Cooking at home

29 06 2012

I have been making lots of food at home. Cooking is so meditative to me. Happy Friday everyone.








Please visit us today!

1 06 2012

Please join us on Friday June 1st, 2012 at IDOM studio to help our dear friend Sally raise funding for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.

The party starts at 5 pm and runs through 8 pm. There will be yummy baked goods and drinks.

IDOM will donate 20% of total sales to Sally’s charity.

Sally is one of my closest friends and truly a source of inspiration.

She has been training for an Olympic distance triathlon, which entails a 1500 meter swim, a 29-mile bike, and a 6.2 mile run.

“I’ve never participated in a marathon or anything of this caliber of athleticism. The answer to this is after closing Pin Me I felt like I was ready to take on a positive challenge and as some of you know I have been successful in the last couple years with a 50 pound weight loss, which I mostly did through diet. Next step was to combine exercise into the equation to get to my goal. Plus I wanted to do something that wasn’t just about me and having lost family members to cancer and seen colleges go through leukemia battles with their children I was inspired to combine my personal challenge with a fundraiser.”

Also there are new beauties from S/S 12 and lovely jewels.

IDOM will also be open on Saturday June 2nd, from noon until 6 pm.

Come by and say hello.


Sally, Caitlin, and Modi

811 East Burnside Suite 213 Portland, OR 97214

Friday Inspiration

16 03 2012


Can’t wait for spring!  In the meantime please stop by and say hello this weekend at the studio.  I’m there on Saturday from noon-6 pm and Sunday noon-5ish.  Hope to see you soon.

Enjoy your Friday everyone.

Purple and Pink Friday

9 03 2012

C has a brilliant idea on sharing our current obsession on colours weekly.  Lately we have been craving purple and pink.  I think we are ready for spring vibrant sunshine.

New origami tunic of course in purple.  The new pieces are available at our studio now.

Colour inspiration

Another dress that we love.  Cotton fabric is hand-loomed from Northern Thailand.

Pink scarf that is almost purple.

More pink and purple inspiration.

IDOM lovely printed scarf.

Our March studio hours are Saturday+Sunday from noon-6 pm.  You can always make appointment on weekday as well.  Just email me or ring me, or +1 503 477 6818.  The studio is located at 811 East Burnside, Suite 213, Portland, OR 97214.  The charming space is on the 2nd floor facing Burnside Street.

Hope to see you over this weekend.  Enjoy the gorgeous weather everyone.

P.S.  I have family emergency today Friday (March 9th).  I won’t make it into the studio today.  Promise to be there over the weekend.  Thanks very much.


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