Autumn Inspiration

28 09 2012

It feels a bit odd not to be designing for the next season.  No sample making, no photo shoot plan, no inspiration board, and no juggling act between designing and running a shop.  I’m a little lost at times.  But it helps to look at all the beautiful images for the autumn season.  At least I could still decorate my house and make dresses for myself.  It is one benefit of not having a shop.  I don’t have to please anyone else but myself.  Refreshing really…

Lovely images found via here.

Wishing you a brilliant weekend.

Monday Love

27 08 2012
 Due to my love for little decorating animals, I can’t help but falling head over heals for this neon pink hippo & it’s friends.  Aren’t they they so darling?
Found via intsight.
Enjoy your Monday everyone.

Picnic and Sunshine

19 06 2012

My dream this summer is to have friends over for a picnic feast outdoors.  Only if the sun will return soon.  Fingers crossed.  In the mean time this set up is truly exquisite.

Images via Dotty Love.


18 06 2012

I have been enjoying pink and its neon possibility lately…  Makes me want to dance.

Photos found via here.

Enjoy your Monday everyone.

More blue please!

12 06 2012
I’m predicting a trend that blue is a new black.  And marble is a current favourite. This pic makes me giddy.
Keep warm and dry everyone.


11 06 2012

It is a beautiful blue Monday.  Enjoy this gorgeous sunshine lovelies.

Sorry I don’t have the sources for these pics.
Again please make an appointment with us if you would like to come and visit our studio/showroom.  Contact us by email at
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Dreamy Furniture

6 06 2012

I have been obsessing over polka dots.  Not sure why really…  Always have adored them since I was a kid.  Here are some polka dot chairs and charming furniture.  I wish I could go check out this Merci pop up shop in Milano.  It looks amazing!

Images are from:

Artilleriets facebook

If you are in Portland.  Enjoy this blue sky everyone.  Also you could make appointment with us at our studio on weekdays as well.  Please email us  Wishing you a fantastic Wednesday!

Love At First Sight

11 01 2012

I adore this Amsterdam apartment.  It is lovely and light.  Of course I’m a big fan of combining ultra modern white space with global inspired influence along with interesting texture of prints and popped of  vibrant colours.

Found via 79 ideas.

I especially love the gorgeous kitchen with the raw cupboards against the white surfaces.  Also intrigued by all the lovely fun details through out the apartment.  This exquisite interior is motivating me to get my sweet studio up and running.  My friend Miles said “I thought you were going to take one week sabbatical from the closing of the shop and all the madness that we just endured.”  All I could say is “have you met me?”  I’m a girl who can’t stay still for too long.  Off to do more painting in my new cocoon.  Ta, ta for now.

Dreaming of Coco

10 01 2012

My father’s mother aka “fancy grannie” has an amazing collection of handbags, clothes, and jewels.  Her most cherished treasures are from Coco Chanel, YSL, Dior and Hermes.  Growing up I was more interested in modern cutting edge fashion from Japan.  I found grannie’s treasures to be beautiful, but a bit more sophisticated for my taste as a teenager.  Well, my tune has forever changed when I went to university.  I discovered fashion history, fascinated by the ideas behind it all and could always related to the struggle of the great masters.  Their brilliant ideas and creations were just amazingly beautiful, wonderful and meaningful.  Today I’m dreaming of Coco.  Her apartment is magnificent and dynamic.  Just as I imagined of a kind of person she was.  Please read a wonderful article from The Coveteur here.

All images courtesy of The Coveteur.

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone.

Obsession with Bookshelf

29 12 2011

I’m hoping to create some sort of bookshelf for my sweet tiny studio space.  The Bookshelf Porn site is really satisfying my current obsession.

All pics found via Bookshelf Porn.

Again all IDOM clothing are 75% off this week, shoes and jewels are 50% off.  Yours truly will be at the shop all week.  Come say goodbye to our IDOM shop space and take some treasures home with you.  Wishing you a lovely Thursday.


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