The Goddesses

7 09 2011

Sarah Keefe from Planned Parenthood sent us two beautiful pics from the show.  As she puts it so well the IDOM girls are the Goddesses.  We are lucky to have so many beauties on the stage.  We love working with Sarah Schroeder and Iris Dyrhaug.  They were in several of our lookbooks.  It was such a fun reunion to visit with the girls again.  Of course we were thrilled to have our business partner/photographer/, Evangelina Owens to represent us on the stage.  It is truly a family affair.  Evangelina’s sister in law Cory Owens was also very kind to accept our invite to model one of the dresses.  She and her husband Josh are one of the biggest supporters of the label.  If you were at the show you might have seen Josh, Miles (Evangelina’s husband), and Caitlin selling pieces by our IDOM rack at the show.  It is such a labour of love from everyone involved with this little label that could.  Thanks very much for believing in this dream as much as I do.

Sarah Schroeder and IDOM A/W 11 cocktail dress and coat.  Photo sent by Sarah Keefe.

Cory Owens

Evangelina Owens

Photos of Cory and Evangelina taken by Miles Johnson.

Iris Dyrhaug

Photo sent by Sarah Keefe.

Some of the new A/W11 dresses are in the shop now.  Please stop by and say hello.  Have a great Wednesday everyone.

New Beauties from A/W 11

2 09 2011

We just received a new parcel from Bangkok.  Please swing by and try on the new dresses.  They are wonderful.

This white dress has lovely layers of draping.  It took me quite a while to get all the layers to make sense.  It was really fun designing this piece.

We love this skirt.  It is quite versatile for dressing it up or down.  Ava looks lovely in the ensemble.

I adore this silhouette.  Plus the exaggerated buttons are charming.

Our beautiful IDOM girl and business partner, Evangelina wearing the dress for our fashion show benefit for Planned Parenthood past Wednesday night.  Thanks E for being such a trooper.  Please visit us over this holiday weekend.  Lots of new pieces in the shop now.  Enjoy your Friday everyone.

Pretty in Pink

30 08 2011

You know that time of the day in the summer right before the sun goes down when the light is warm and the grass is green green green? I couldn’t help but put together the rich color of the pink woven idom tunic and the landscape on the farm with an impromptu 10 minute photo-shoot before it was just too dark. Plus, I think the black and white saddle shoes are a perfect match!

We have lots of new sale items at the shop right now so swing by and have a look. I think that we may even have one more pink tunic left. Thanks to Mahal for always being willing to help me create when I get crazy ideas, and to her horse, Street Legal Tender, who was more concerned about eating than getting his photo taken but was still pretty awesome.

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone! And don’t forget to come see us on Wednesday night at the Fez Ballroom where we will be showing our upcoming collection!

xoxo, idom

Dress/Undress Fashion Show for Planned Parenthood

24 08 2011

We are so excited for Planned Parenthood Equal Access Fund benefit.  I’m a big believer in Planned Parenthood.  I feel honoured and privileged to be to be apart of this great cause.

View our Autumn/Winter 2011 collection on Wednesday 31st August.  Please buy tickets online here.

All photos courtesy of IDOM.

A/W 11 shot by Elizabeth Russell-Baumgartner, styled by Katie Barton and hair by Susan Bogdan.  Modeled by our IDOM girls Iris and Ava.  Hope to see you lovelies at the show.

Delightful Pics

4 08 2010

Evangelina’s wonderful brother Josh sent us these lovely images from 23rd Ave show and his trip to the zoo.  Take a look.

This photo was taken by an actual film.  The colour and the feel of it reminds me of Elizabeth’s under water shoot.  Iris looks amazing.

IDOM girls, Cory, Amanda, Ruth, and Iris.

Our IDOM art director, Evangelina’s husband Miles.  We love this pic.  He looks fantastic!  You can see Evangelina’s hand to the left carrying a big IDOM bag.  Thank you so much guys for doing all the hard work that day.  Everyone woke up way too early for a Saturday.

This pic makes all of us very happy.  Thank you Josh for your beautiful images.

Enjoy your week everyone.

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“Up In the Air” Hotel DeLuxe Fashion Show

12 07 2010

Here are some pics from the Friday show taken by Miles Johnson.  Thank you Miles!  Many thanks to our team IDOM, Evangelina, Caitlin, Lindsay, Sarah, Ruth, Iris and Amanda.  Special thanks to Sole Struck for the beautiful shoes.  Oh, and thanks to Miles for renting us a mini van to fit all of our samples, clothing rack, steamer, shoes, food and us.  I could not have done this without all of your help.

Gorgeous Amanda with our new new piece from A/W 10.

Amelia and the romantic A/W 10 chiffon dress.

Ruth N with our fun new piece paired with Zulu bracelets found by Evangelina and bib necklace made by yours truly.

Our beautiful Sarah with my version of a wedding dress.  As my close friends would tell you.  I never have any interest of designing wedding gowns.  However, many have asked me to design at least one piece for this collection.  I’ll have to find a pic with the the back of the dress.  It is the best part.  The piece paired with great shoes from Sole Struck.

Caitlin to the left and Evangelina to the right rolling samples back to the car after the show.  This is a true labour of love.  It was a hot sweaty day.  But, these dear friends of mind worked so hard and never once compliant about anything.  Thank you so much everyone for loving little IDOM label as much as I do.  Enjoy your week!

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Up In the Air tonight and Thanks to Sole Struck

9 07 2010

Evangelina, Caitlin and I have been working and prepping for Up in the Air fashion show via Hotel Deluxe tonight.  We are thrilled and excited to show IDOM new A/W 10 pieces.  We are also collaborating with Lindsay and Bryce via Sole Struck.  I’m in heaven with the amazing fashion forward shoes from them.  Plus Lindsay is an IDOM girl as well.  Some of you have met her at the shop.  We are lucky to have Lindsay the shoe Goddess on our side.  Promise to snap some pics of Lindsay and her lovely chic style soon.

You can also view our current S/S 10 collection at 23rd Ave show on Saturday at noon.  Thank you Miles for your brilliant layout.  We owe you!

Lovely shoe babies via Sole Struck.

I have been staying up late last night taping these guys.  Industry secret.  What one learned from working in fashion field for way too long.  Sigh…  Please don’t do this at home.   Purchase your shoes, love them and enjoy them.

Packing these beauties for the show.  The numbers are all corresponding to each look.

My personal fashion assistant, Stares At Trees.  She stayed up with me prepping late last night.

You can join us tonight at 6 pm, show starts at 7 pm.  Hotel deLuxe, 729 S.W. 15th Ave.  You can purchase ticket here.

Many thanks to our friends Lindsay and Bryce from Sole Struck.  You can own any of these lovely shoes shown in our post today.  Visit them in person at 718 NW 11th Ave. Portland, OR 97209 or shop online here.  Please do check out their blog here.  It is wonderful!  Hope to see you tonight.

Off to Portland Fashion Week

9 10 2009

So sorry I have been MIA for few days.  Crazy busy with Spring/Summer 2010 Samples.  I’m off to pick up my friends Caitlin and Salwa.  They are kind enough to help me out with the back stage prepping and last minute details.  My mum will be attending my first Portland show tonight.  I’m delighted to have her be a part of this adventure.  After all she was always the one who encourages me to do what I love.  Thanks mum you are the best!


A little sneak peak of a new piece.  Hope you can join us tonight at Portland Fashion Week.  Please visit their site and buy tickets here.  Thank you everyone for wishing me a good luck tonight.  See you soon!

IDOM at Portland Fashion Week Friday Oct. 9th

5 10 2009

It is going to be busy month at IDOM.  We will be showing our Spring/Summer 2010 Collection at Portland Fashion Week on Friday Oct 9th.  Then Fashion Collective with Liza, Fuchsia, and Emily for Autumn Winter o9/10 will be on Monday Oct. 12th.  Content Installation at the Ace with take place of Sunday Oct. 18th.  Lots more information to come.

Here are some fabric samples from Spring/Summer Collection.  This inspiration for the season came from the work of Martha Graham’s contemporary dance.  The fabric in this collection represents the motion of the dances and its movement from the bodies.  There are lots of softness and warmth into this spring summer palette such as gold, silvery green, and gray.  Of course there are still some prominent of black.  Techniques of draping and fabric manipulation are employed to achieved the fluidity of movement.




Friday, October 10Portland Fashion Week

IDOM will preview pieces from its spring/summer 2010 collection.
Shows begin at 8 pm. at Vigor Industrial Shipyard

For more information and to buy tickets, please visit:

More on Spring/Summer 09 pieces

2 11 2008

An “Oksanna” shorts and cami. I usually don’t do shorts or pants. However, this time around I was back in Bangkok doing the designing part and production process. It was so darn hot outside. I guess shorts poped up in my head. This piece was inspired by the traditional Thai “jukaben.” It was a way of using one piece of long fabric as pants/shorts for both men and women. Lots of folding and pleating. This piece is for my graceful and beautiful friend Oksanna.

This is an “Evangelina” dress. I posted about her and Miles’s wedding a week ago. What can I say about Evangelina? She is very kind and very talented. This dress is for her. The old aluminum bracelets are from Karan Hill Tribe people up in the mountains of northern Thailand. I was so excited to find these amazing bracelets.

I truly love my darling friend Susan’s asethetic. The way she can wear one simple button down shirt and paired with cool belt and interesting shoes. Simple, modern, and beautiful. We met in design school in New York. She has been putting up with me invading her home whenever I’m back in the city. This is a dress inspired by my wonderful friend Susan.

The dress was so diffucult to drape. Took me several fittings to get it right. I always loved the Goddess inspired Greek garments. Again I borrowed the way one can use a long piece of fabric to wrap a body in different manners. I called this piece an “Amy Goddness Dress.” Amy and I have been collaborating on our many designs through out the years. Our hope is that someday we can fully design a collection together. She is an incredible and gifted designer and a loveliest friend. I had the woven silver bracelet made by Hill Tribe people. The silver sandals was my first attempt of designing shoes. They were made in Bangkok.

My Grannie and my mum has this fantastic antique textile collection. As a kid I was so fascinated by old laces from Belgium and Holland. The intricate construction and the texture were out of this world. The concept of lace really influnced this whole collection. The silhouette of this dress really came from my Grannie. The dress is named after her “Rumjuan.”

I have been very lucky to have such great girlfriends in my life. They are smart, strong, independent, kind and beautiful individuals. My friend Sarah has been through so much with the IDOM adventure. From the beginning until now. She is so insightful and so patience with the nature of small business. Sarah has been doing the PR part for IDOM from Argentina. I can’t tell her of how much I appreciated her help. This is a “Sarah” Blouse and Shorts.

More photos next post.


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