Indian Night with Sarah

15 08 2012

Lovely summer night dinner with my sweet friend Sarah. Yummy Indian food and wonderful friend. Life is pretty great!



New Chapter

27 07 2012

I’m not sure of what the future holds for me…  But as my dear friend Sarah Keefe reminded me that this is the new chapter.  I’m evolving and so little idom.  Thank you Sarah for your kind words and for this beautiful flowers.  You are truly wonderful.

Thank you friends for stopping by.  Lovely to see Cory, Evangelina, Fuchsia, Salwa, Sarah K, Sarah W and Charlotte, Paridee, Greg and Rachel.  Thank you so much for giving the last bits of IDOM beauties a great loving home.  I’m so happy that the counter has gone to Salwa.  Also the custom clothing rack is going to the lovely girls at Radish Underground.  This is all so exciting.

It is our last day of the sale today (Friday the 27th).  We will be in our little space from 3pm until 8ish.  Please stop by and say hello to Caitlin and I.  The sweet round white table is still available.  We also have other little furniture that needs to find a home as well.  Hope to see you later today.


C & M

Happy Summer

14 07 2012

We are taking today off today (Saturday) to enjoy our summer holiday with ice pops and good friends.  Our IDOM partner in crime lovely Caitlin will be at our studio on Sunday from 1ish until 5ish.  Please swing by and visit her.  Lots of summer pieces are on sale.  Enjoy this gorgeous sunshine everyone.

Lovely image and recipe for ice pop could be found via Desserts for Breakfast.

Please visit us today!

1 06 2012

Please join us on Friday June 1st, 2012 at IDOM studio to help our dear friend Sally raise funding for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.

The party starts at 5 pm and runs through 8 pm. There will be yummy baked goods and drinks.

IDOM will donate 20% of total sales to Sally’s charity.

Sally is one of my closest friends and truly a source of inspiration.

She has been training for an Olympic distance triathlon, which entails a 1500 meter swim, a 29-mile bike, and a 6.2 mile run.

“I’ve never participated in a marathon or anything of this caliber of athleticism. The answer to this is after closing Pin Me I felt like I was ready to take on a positive challenge and as some of you know I have been successful in the last couple years with a 50 pound weight loss, which I mostly did through diet. Next step was to combine exercise into the equation to get to my goal. Plus I wanted to do something that wasn’t just about me and having lost family members to cancer and seen colleges go through leukemia battles with their children I was inspired to combine my personal challenge with a fundraiser.”

Also there are new beauties from S/S 12 and lovely jewels.

IDOM will also be open on Saturday June 2nd, from noon until 6 pm.

Come by and say hello.


Sally, Caitlin, and Modi

811 East Burnside Suite 213 Portland, OR 97214

Printed Tunic

10 04 2012

I can’t get enough of this print and the tunic.  Fabric found in northern Thailand.  It is so hard not to keep one for myself.

Iris is in IDOM printed tunic and IDOM jeans.

Enjoy this beautiful sunshine everyone.

Neon Eggs

6 04 2012

I am happy to report that my dearest friends Sally and Caitlin will be hanging out at our lovely studio starting this weekend until beginning of May.  I’m running away to visit my sweet mum and papa in Bangkok.  I’m so excited to have Sally in our little creative space on Saturdays from noon-ish until 6 pm.  Of course my partner in crime Caitlin will be there on Sundays at noon-ish until 5 pm.  Please stop by and say hello to Sally and Caitlin this weekend.  Also our website has gone live since Tuesday.  You can now purchase the new beauties on our site.  It was the best birthday present ever from our programmer Jeremy.  Hooray!

In the meantime these ultra modern neon eggs are quite exquisite.

You could check out this great idea on ohjoy.

Again please swing by and visit Sally on Satuday and Caitlin on Sunday.  Thank you so much to Sally and Caitlin for holding down the fort.  xoxo

Happy Easter everyone!

Please visit Caitlin today!

31 03 2012

Caitlin has giving me a day off to run away.  It has been so lovely to have our dear C sharing the studio with me.  We have had such a good time hanging out and creating together.  Please swing by and visit her today.  She will be at our studio from noon until 6 pm.  We will be closed on Sunday.

Our sanctuary.  It is full of light and so dreamy.

Half of the space is for our show room, which you could purchase all the wonderful treasures.  Another half is our work area where we sketch, drape, sew, work on our website and just hanging out.  We are also thrill to have a corner where we could shoot our own photos.  Everything that we need in one tiny space.  Perfect!

My new obsession on these amazing Japanese tapes.

Our work area is filled with inspiration images, books, treasures, and of course colourful art supplies.

Black and white dress for spring. Thank you sweet Iris for being our IDOM girl.

Asymmetrical tunic with volume layering.

Thanks Caitlin for letting me have a day off!  We are located at 811 East Burnside Suite 213, Portland, OR 97214.  +1 503 477 6818

The studio is on the second floor facing Burnside Street.  Visit our lovely Caitlin soon.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.


27 03 2012

Such a privileged to know adorable Gemma.  She is a smart and a thoughtful little person.  I love her so much.  It was so fun to have her as our mini idom kiddo.  Gemma looks so lovely in Saint James tee made in France.  Many thanks to Nic and Marc for allowing her to be our little model.  She is perfect!

Blue and white mini Saint James Stripe tee made in France.

Hi lovely!

Red and white mini Saint James Stripe tee made in France.

Please email me if you are interested in the saint james mini for kiddos,

Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday.

New Beginning

3 03 2012

I was so nervous yesterday.  Fretting that nobody will show up and that the space won’t be good enough, etc…  What if it doesn’t work this time around.  All the fear and all the worry just took over my body.  Thank goodness that all the dear friends showed up and supported the little label that could.  Thank you to B for surprising me and buying first item of the day.  And then give it to me as a good luck treat.  Then I met so many of my lovely neighbors, Rachel from Haunt and Todd from Black Box Gallery.  They made me feel so welcomed.  Thank you.  Later on my partner in crime Caitlin showed up and made everything even better.  All of my dear friends came by, Heather, Nic, Marc, Gemma, Jackie, Velia, and Corey.  Plus Heather brought me a beautiful plant and little darling Gemma entertained us all with her charming self.  She was our mini model for Saint James.  Thank you for all the calls, texts, and emails.  You made me feel so loved.  Thank you so much for making this girl happy as a clam.

Little G and her new mini Saint James piece paired with IDOM printed scarf.  Thank you Nic for taking home fun pieces.

Kiddo Saint James

Grown up Saint James.  Made in France.

Beautiful flowers from Erica and Kate via Garnish on Alberta.  Designed and made by Beka of Origin Flowers also on Alberta.  Thank you so much for your kindness.

My cozy work space with all the art supplies, inspirations and my favourite books.

Heading off to the studio soon.  I’ll be there all day until 6 pm.  Hope to catch up with you lovelies.

Thanks very much again friends for the delightful first day.


20 12 2011

As I always have said the over sized cotton hand loomed tunics are my first love.  They are flattering on so many people.  Plus the pieces allow you to play around with proportion and various ways of styling them.  Be free and have fun with your clothes.  Such a joy to experiment variety of combination.

Hand-loomed tunic inspired by architectural shape paired with IDOM jeans with backpack from Miss Lonely Hearts via NYC.

Backpack from Miss Lonely Hearts designed by my dear friend Jenny Yuen.  All the leather handbags are made in New York.

Another lovely block printed over sized hand loomed cotton tunic.

You could style the piece with a belt to give it a more tailored look.

Shot by lovely Ann Ploeger, styled by wonderful Caitlin McCloskey, and yours truly.  IDOM girl is Iris.

This week most things in the shop are 50% off.  Hope to see you soon.  Have a brilliant Tuesday!


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