28 11 2011

Getting ready to do shop holiday window.  What a girl to do?  Collect more props, more props and even more props.  You should see our garage.  Poor B having to put up with my treasures.  Although it is fun to find random objects everywhere.

Swing by and visit moi this week if you are in Portland.  I’m at the shop Monday-Thursday.  Sorry New York friends.  I was scheduled to be there next week for my secret work mission.  I was looking forward to see everyone.  Just can’t find people to help out at the shop.  Life of a shop owner.  Sigh…  Promise to see you in February.  In the meantime you could order anything that you see on the blog.  You could always ring the shop +1 503 477 6818 or email me,  Enjoy your Monday everyone.

Behind the Scenes at Content

17 10 2011

We had so much fun installing our props for Content.  Took us two whole months to make the paper flowers.  Many thanks to Katie, Michelle, Susan, Caitlin, Valia, Evangelina and Miles.  It took the whole village to have a beautiful installation.

I wanted to have a concept that would translated S/S 12 inspiration and photo shoot.  We wanted to do something with lots of textures and element that would also complimented the clothes.  The paper flowers reminded me of something from the ocean and it felt free and wild like the horses that inspired the collection.

Velia was the best genius at making flowers.  Yours truly and our business partner Evangelina pinning all the flowers to the boards.

Evangelina and Miles rented us a van for all of our props.  Velia was also a trooper with helping us load and unload everything over and over again.  It was truly a labour of love.

Luckily our friend Michelle loaned us two more wonderful mannequins.  Worked out perfectly well.  Many thanks to our IDOM village for the beautiful installation.  Big thanks to the Ace Hotel and to all the organizers for having us at Content.  More pics tomorrow of the installation.

Please visit us today at the shop.  Lots more treasures from A/W 11.  Enjoy your Monday everyone.

Please join us for Content today!

1 10 2011

We will be camping out in room 224 at the Ace hotel for Content.  Come by and enjoy installation show from so many talented Portland designers.  IDOM will be revealing our Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

Check out more information here.  Tickets are $15 and you could still purchase it here.

Our lovely Rebecca is at the shop today.  She would be happy to show you the perfect ensemble.  Hope to see you.


30 09 2011

We are hard at work on finishing up props for Content.  Here is more information on the show.

Please join us on Saturday, October 1 for the return of Content, the live fashion installation, featuring IDOM!
This year 28 local Portland artists will each transform a guest room at Ace Hotel into a dynamic and inspired display. In addition to these exciting installations, the evening will feature a beer garden on Stark Street with cocktails and snacks provided by Clyde Common and Olympic Provisions, a pop-up shop for purchasing designs from Content artists as well as after parties and late night shopping hours at many Portland boutiques!
Beer garden fun begins @ 4 p.m., Guest room open house begins @ 6p.m.

Photos from S/S 12.  IDOM girl is Katherine.

Tickets are $15 in advance and available via
You could also check out more about Content here.

We hope to see you tomorrow Saturday, October 1 at Ace Hotel!

Falling Garden

26 01 2011

When I studied at Royal Collage of Art, I took a few courses on Shakespeare’s plays. I remember I had this beautiful copy of “The Tempest” that had on its cover an illustration of Miranda in which her hair was a colourful garden, like an explosion of life and vibrancy. This affected the way I approached the play (perhaps you should judge a book by its cover). I pictured the tempest in the play as an abstract thing: as a type of falling garden. So when I saw the art installation, “falling garden”, by the artists, Gerda Steiner and Jörg Lenzlinger, I literally gasped. This is exactly how I pictured the Tempest; it was as if someone had crawled into my mind and made visual imagery from the thoughts within.

To see more of their absolutely mind-blowing art, visit their official site.

Wishing you a brilliant Wednesday.


Lovely Window

21 12 2010

How I miss doing big windows especially during the holiday season.  Someday I’ll have big prop house along with my personal library of garments.  Oh, and add ten more windows to the shop.  A girl can day dream, right?  Here is one of my all time favourite holiday window from Bergdorf Goodman via 2008.  I want to live in it!

Wishing you exquisite holidays!

P.S.  Thanks very much to my darling friends M + N for the beautiful pink elephant necklace.  Perfect holiday treat and fabulous good luck charm.  Promise to share some pics soon.  Thank you!



The Wrinkles of the City

29 11 2010

Amazing installation project by French photographer JR. The wrinkles of the city project questions the memory of a city and its inhabitants. Using Shanghai and its resident as his subject.  You can feel the story of the spaces.  Shanghai is such a vibrant modern metropolis with constant new buildings going up every minute of the day.  Is it a good idea to tear down everything old?  And if we do, how long will the memories last?

Check out JR work here.

All photos courtesy of JR.

Installation Adventure

18 10 2010

It was lots of work and lots of planning executing an installation at Portland Fashion Week.  Katie and I collected props for a week at Home Depot, vintage shops, and her back yard.  K spend several nights wrapping beach balls and balloon in twine ropes.  Evangelina rented big c stands and industrial clamps.  E also borrowed her dear friend’s truck to load up our mannequin girls, sails, props, and  long pipes.  It was challenging trying to fit everything and us in one ride.  Caitlin woke up early and helped us on our adventure.  B’s mother drove down from Seattle to loan us her working sail, her lines, and anything that has to do with sailing.  She does live on a sail boat.  Pretty awesome.

Evangelina was our photographer on set and our technical director.  She was amazing at constructing everything and making sure that all is safe.  Thank goodness for her MacGyver skills.  The beautiful girl carries a pocket knife and has her own tool belt.  It was so much fun building our installation with her.

Our amazing Caitlin.  You would never hear one complaint coming out from her.  She works hard and always has positive attitude.  C is constantly up for any adventures.  We are so lucky to have her.

We used 15 feet high pipe to get our sail up.  The pipe was in umbrella stand held with c stands and loads of industrial clamps.  We got them up pretty quickly.  E made sure everything wasn’t going to fall down.  K’s twined balls looked great.

We were very happy with our hard work.  Unfortunately half of the installation to the the right wasn’t lit up.  I know it is PFW first year of doing this kind of presentation.  Perhaps next year the event will have less challenges.  As a visual merchandiser I was taught that one would always think about props, construction, and the most important element lighting.  The lights were set for runway shows and couldn’t be moved.  We were frustrated that all the planning, our time and our effort were not realized at its full potential.  Sad…

Beside the technical challenge.  We loved our collaboration.

We tried to move the two girls to the right into the light.  It still didn’t really worked.  I tried not to get upset about it.  It is just disappointing when your hard work are not being seen.  I feel like I should start my own production company and start carrying my own lights around.  Okay, deep breath.

The Spring/Summer 2011 collection is inspired by movement of the sail.  The draping and folding of the pieces are the reflection of the sail floating in the wind.

Thank you to everyone for coming out and supporting us at the show.  We truly appreciated your love for IDOM.  Much gratitude to our IDOM family Evangelina, Katie, Caitlin, Miles, and B’s mother for your help and your hard work. Lots and lots of love to our team!

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Friday Inspiration

15 10 2010

As you know I have a bad habit of writing everything on my hand with sharpies and markers.  This installation is perfect for me.  Permanent marker drawing lines on lacquer and vinyl floor by the talented Heike Weber.

Utopia, 2009,
Kunstraum München, GER,  by Heike Weber.

We are so excited to have our IDOM girl Lindsay back in the shop today.  She has few days off from Solestruck.  Very kind of Lindsay to give me a day to do my paper work.  Please stop by and say hi to lovely Lindsay.  Have a brilliant weekend everyone!

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