Adventure with my little cousins in ubon province

11 05 2012

Having fun with my little cousins in northeastern part of Thailand. The kiddos are fun to hang out with. Meet Neptune and Nuuy.





Mini Saint James

13 04 2012

Mini Saint James for kiddos are here in our studio.  Please swing by this weekend and take a look.  They are adorable.

Our mini model little sweet Gemma.  It was a pleasure to hang out with her.

Thank you Nic and Marc for letting Gemma be our mini girl.

Happy Friday everyone.  Enjoy this Portland beautiful sunshine.


27 03 2012

Such a privileged to know adorable Gemma.  She is a smart and a thoughtful little person.  I love her so much.  It was so fun to have her as our mini idom kiddo.  Gemma looks so lovely in Saint James tee made in France.  Many thanks to Nic and Marc for allowing her to be our little model.  She is perfect!

Blue and white mini Saint James Stripe tee made in France.

Hi lovely!

Red and white mini Saint James Stripe tee made in France.

Please email me if you are interested in the saint james mini for kiddos,

Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday.

Thank you!

6 03 2012

Thank you friends for your well wishes and for stopping by the new studio.  It was wonderful to catch up with everyone.  Thank you for always supporting little label that could.  I’m so touched by your love.  Plus it was really delightful to have some mini visitors in the space as well.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you S+C for visiting even with the awful jet lag.  I can’t believe how baby C has grown so tall.

Thanks Cory and Josh for bringing adorable G to visit IDOM.

Many thanks to all my dear friends for loving IDOM as much as I do.  Thank you!

New Beginning

3 03 2012

I was so nervous yesterday.  Fretting that nobody will show up and that the space won’t be good enough, etc…  What if it doesn’t work this time around.  All the fear and all the worry just took over my body.  Thank goodness that all the dear friends showed up and supported the little label that could.  Thank you to B for surprising me and buying first item of the day.  And then give it to me as a good luck treat.  Then I met so many of my lovely neighbors, Rachel from Haunt and Todd from Black Box Gallery.  They made me feel so welcomed.  Thank you.  Later on my partner in crime Caitlin showed up and made everything even better.  All of my dear friends came by, Heather, Nic, Marc, Gemma, Jackie, Velia, and Corey.  Plus Heather brought me a beautiful plant and little darling Gemma entertained us all with her charming self.  She was our mini model for Saint James.  Thank you for all the calls, texts, and emails.  You made me feel so loved.  Thank you so much for making this girl happy as a clam.

Little G and her new mini Saint James piece paired with IDOM printed scarf.  Thank you Nic for taking home fun pieces.

Kiddo Saint James

Grown up Saint James.  Made in France.

Beautiful flowers from Erica and Kate via Garnish on Alberta.  Designed and made by Beka of Origin Flowers also on Alberta.  Thank you so much for your kindness.

My cozy work space with all the art supplies, inspirations and my favourite books.

Heading off to the studio soon.  I’ll be there all day until 6 pm.  Hope to catch up with you lovelies.

Thanks very much again friends for the delightful first day.

Le Secret, Eglantine et Laurence

24 02 2012

Found via here.

Doesn’t the mini duos make you happy?  Lovely and adorable.

photo by Jean-Philippe Charbonnier, Paris 1979

Weekend Inspiration

6 11 2011

More beautiful images via our S/S 12 collection.

Can’t wait for our new pretty pieces this spring.  In the mean time enjoy some lovely pics.  Happy weekend everyone.


13 09 2011

I adore this darling photo.  Great ensemble and chic little girl.  Plus the backdrop of beautiful grown up clothes are such a perfect backdrop for this little one.

Photo from Emma Elwin.

Wishing all the darlings out there a sweet Tuesday.


19 08 2011

I have an infinite love for “kuwaii” (a Japanese slang word meaning cute, cool, etc…) anything via Japan.  Take a look.

The cute darling bentos reminded me of what my parents used to pack my lunches for school.  I had many styles with my favourite illustration and Japanese cartoon characters of course.  The elephant and the monkey are illustrated by Shinzi Katoh.  His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world. This bento box features 2 interior compartments (1 with a fitted plastic lid) and a coordinating rubber band to hold it all together. 5.5″ x 3.75″ x 3″h. No more plastic sandwich bags or old storage containers for your lunch or snacks!

Perfect animal mugs are back.  You can learn Japanese as your drink your tea.

We love know your bugs mug.  Come check out all the new “kawaii” via Japan.  Promise more pic of new treasures soon.

Hope to see you soon.  Ta, ta.


4 08 2011

Most of our friends have sweet children at this point in their life.  I often hear that it is difficult to find kids clothes that are stylish with modern sensibility.  Many of our dear friends refused to put their kiddos in Disney oriented clothing and lots of them do not want to support mass market giant retailers.  What a parent to do?  And yes we get more and more requests for mini idom kids version.  We are hoping that eventually M+E (Miles+Evangelina) could launched their own kids label.  Fingers crossed.  In the meantime here are some of my favourite looks via A/W 11 from Bonpoint


There are some other children labels that I adored such as Eliane et Lena, Marèse, Jacadi, Noa Noa, Talc, Dino e Lucia, and a few others, I love this Bonpoint’s shops (the owner is also that of Merci in Paris) and the lovely collections that they produce—twice each year. The collections are classic, slightly elegant, full of ease, playful and chic.

Hope you lovelies out there are enjoying this exquisite sunshine.  Swing by and visit us soon.


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