New Chapter

27 07 2012

I’m not sure of what the future holds for me…  But as my dear friend Sarah Keefe reminded me that this is the new chapter.  I’m evolving and so little idom.  Thank you Sarah for your kind words and for this beautiful flowers.  You are truly wonderful.

Thank you friends for stopping by.  Lovely to see Cory, Evangelina, Fuchsia, Salwa, Sarah K, Sarah W and Charlotte, Paridee, Greg and Rachel.  Thank you so much for giving the last bits of IDOM beauties a great loving home.  I’m so happy that the counter has gone to Salwa.  Also the custom clothing rack is going to the lovely girls at Radish Underground.  This is all so exciting.

It is our last day of the sale today (Friday the 27th).  We will be in our little space from 3pm until 8ish.  Please stop by and say hello to Caitlin and I.  The sweet round white table is still available.  We also have other little furniture that needs to find a home as well.  Hope to see you later today.


C & M

Please visit us today!

22 07 2012

Caitlin and I are heading to our studio space around noonish today.  We will be there until 6 pm.  Again everything is 50% off.

Thank you to Elizabeth Bisegna Gaston for bringing us beautiful macaroons and for always supporting this little label.  We are touched by your kindness.  It was lovely to meet Rachel who has been loving our label as much as we do.  You made our day!  Well friends this is it.  Come and bring home IDOM beauties this weekend.  Some of our furniture are on sale as well.  Hope to catch up with you soon.

Enjoy your Sunday lovelies.

50% Off on everything this weekend!

21 07 2012

Please join us this weekend on both Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd from noon until 6 pm for our end of the summer sale.

All IDOM clothing, jewelery, and accessory will be on sale at 50% off.
Also IDOM’s furniture and some fixtures will be on sale as well.
Hope to see you this weekend.

Caitlin and Modi

S/S 12 shot by Elizabeth Russell.  Modeled by Katherine, hair and make up by Lori Fale.  Styled by Katie Barton and yours truly.  Design team is Caitlin McCloskey and Velia Salina.

Hope to see you this weekend!

Plastic Dreams

5 12 2011

We can’t get enough of Melissa shoes.  All of the Brazilian beauties are 30% off now.

We also have amazing gently worn shoes all size 8 in the shop as well.  They are wonderful treasures.

Hope to catch up with you soon.  I’m in the shop all week except for Friday.  Have a fantastic Monday everyone.

Little Boxes

16 11 2011

We are delighted to be apart of the Little Boxes on Friday 25th November.  Please help support your Portland independent small businesses for your holiday shopping.  These businesses create jobs for your fellow Americans and really enhances your Portland city to be more dynamic and diverse.  Thanks for your support.

Don’t feel like waiting in a long line outside a big box store at 3am the day after Thanksgiving to get your holiday shopping done? We don’t blame you! That’s why this year we are partnering up with these other great Portland stores for LITTLE BOXES, a city wide shopping event, to reward you for shopping with us!

 On Friday, November 25th starting at 10am (yes, you read that right, 10am, not 3:15am) until 8pm, come on in and get your raffle ticket for a chance to win big. Prizes include an iPad, tickets to OVO by Cirque du Soleil$200 to Wildwood Restaurant and so many more.

 Not only do you get the chance to win some of these fantastic prizes, but after you shop with us, you’ll get 10% off at any other Little Box when you show your receipt from any participating Little Box on Friday.

Hope you could join us for this great event.

New Shoes!

3 11 2011

Our lovely business partner Evangelina found us beautiful new Melissa shoes via Brazil.  We are in love!

The black boots would be a perfect alternative to the rain boots.  They are chic and ultra modern.  All the shoes are water proof.  How brilliant are they?!

These beauties are 30% off now.  Swing by and try on new shoes.  Yours truly will be working behind the counter today.  Come say hello.

P.S.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to my dear friends Sally via Pin Me, Maura, Sarah Keefe, and Salwa for donating to Thai Red Cross in helping with the flood victims.  Thank you from behalf of our country, our friends, family, and fellow Thais.  Thank you.

Sale Today!

24 09 2011

Please join us today for end of summer sale.

Hope to see you soon.  Enjoy your Saturday everyone!

End of Summer Sale!

21 09 2011

It is that time of the year where I have to surrender to the fact that summer is almost over.  I truly have enjoyed the blue sky and the bright sunny days in Portland.  Hoping that there are few more of warm beautiful days left for us.  We thought that we would throw an end of summer party.  Swing by and take home lovely pieces.  Hope to see you on Saturday the 24th of September from 11-7 pm.  Lots of sweet treats and bubbly.

Do you recognise our stunning IDOM girl?  Evangelina modeled the piece and shot her own photos on their family farm.  We can’t wait to see more pics from her.

Hope to see you on Saturday.


Evangelina, Miles, Velia, Caitlin, Rebecca, and Modi

Pretty in Pink

30 08 2011

You know that time of the day in the summer right before the sun goes down when the light is warm and the grass is green green green? I couldn’t help but put together the rich color of the pink woven idom tunic and the landscape on the farm with an impromptu 10 minute photo-shoot before it was just too dark. Plus, I think the black and white saddle shoes are a perfect match!

We have lots of new sale items at the shop right now so swing by and have a look. I think that we may even have one more pink tunic left. Thanks to Mahal for always being willing to help me create when I get crazy ideas, and to her horse, Street Legal Tender, who was more concerned about eating than getting his photo taken but was still pretty awesome.

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone! And don’t forget to come see us on Wednesday night at the Fez Ballroom where we will be showing our upcoming collection!

xoxo, idom


4 06 2011

We have some great items on sale at the shop right now! Here are some pictures.

 Stop by and check them out and say hi. Have a great weekend!

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