Bon anniversaire to IDOM!

6 07 2012

We are turning 5 today.  Please visit us this afternoon from 4 pm until 9 pm for our birthday party.  Lots of sweet treats and drinks.  Take 30% off of everything in our studio.  Hope to see you soon.

s/s 12

Also many thanks to Jen via Honey Kennedy for the write up on our birthday party.

Please check out her lovely blog and read more about the post here.

Big thank you as always to Marjorie via Portland Mercury for her post on our Anniversary party.

Check out her blog here.

See you today.


Caitlin and Modi

IDOM is turning 5!

5 07 2012

It’s Idom’s 5th year anniversary!

We want to thank you all of you for your love and support of this little label that could.
It has been an amazing learning experience and exciting adventure.

Please join us for our anniversary party on July 6th from 4 pm to 9 pm and for the first Friday art walk festivities on east Burnside.

Please take 30% off on any pieces and product in our studio.

All images shot by Elizabeth Russell.  Styled by Katie Barton and yours truly.  Modeled by Sunny.  Design teams are Caitlin and Velia.

Hope to see you at the party tomorrow.

Caitlin & Modi

Weekend inspiration

30 06 2012

Behind the scenes from s/s 12. And my daily inspiration. Please swing by our studio this weekend. Caitlin will be hanging out there. Please give her a ring at our space, + 1 503 477 6818.
Have a lovely weekend everyone!









Weekend inspiration

28 04 2012

Happy Saturday everyone! Please visit Sally on Saturday and Caitlin on Sunday at our studio. In the mean time the new pieces are being made in Bangkok. Hooray!





Shop online at IDOM

19 04 2012

We are so excited to let you know that our online shop is up and running again.  Many thanks to our website extraordinaire geniuses Caitlin and Jeremy.  Thank you to Ann for shooting gorgeous photos and to our fantastic IDOM girl Iris.

Please visit us online here.

We are also open for retail hours on weekends.  We are unable to take any appointment during the week while I’m in Asia.  Please visit our lovely friend Sally on Saturdays from 1 pm-6 pm and our amazing Caitlin on Sundays from noon-5 pm.

Hope to see you soon.


Sally, Caitlin, + Modi

Dreaming of Spring

16 04 2012

Can’t wait for the spring 12 collection to get made soon.

This beauty should be available in May.

Caitlin got me an amazing book which I’m completely in love with.  It is a beautiful book of illustrations from life under the ocean.  I’m finding more inspiration for A/W 12.  Usually I should be done with the collection by now.  Unfortunate series of life events really took so much of my creative juice away from me.  I’m trying to find my voice again.  This book really inspired me to create.  Thank you Caitlin!

Happy Saturday

14 04 2012

Please visit our beautiful Sally today from noonish to 6ish.  Please ring our studio if you have any question, +1 503 477 6818.

Printed cotton jacket with IDOM pants.

Thank you so much to my dear friend Sally for being at our little space today.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

Origami Caftan

12 04 2012

The origami over-sized caftans are now in our studio/show room.  Please email us if you are interested,  Again please visit my wonderful friends Sally on Saturdays from noonish-6ish and Caitlin on Sundays from noonish-5ish.  Please ring the lovelies at our studio on weekends at +1 503 477 6818.  We will not be taking any appointment while I’m in Bangkok during the weekday.  I will return in mid May.

The caftans are available in black and jewel tone purple.  Hope to see you this weekend.

Wishing you a sweet Thursday.

Printed Tunic

10 04 2012

I can’t get enough of this print and the tunic.  Fabric found in northern Thailand.  It is so hard not to keep one for myself.

Iris is in IDOM printed tunic and IDOM jeans.

Enjoy this beautiful sunshine everyone.

Please visit Caitlin today!

31 03 2012

Caitlin has giving me a day off to run away.  It has been so lovely to have our dear C sharing the studio with me.  We have had such a good time hanging out and creating together.  Please swing by and visit her today.  She will be at our studio from noon until 6 pm.  We will be closed on Sunday.

Our sanctuary.  It is full of light and so dreamy.

Half of the space is for our show room, which you could purchase all the wonderful treasures.  Another half is our work area where we sketch, drape, sew, work on our website and just hanging out.  We are also thrill to have a corner where we could shoot our own photos.  Everything that we need in one tiny space.  Perfect!

My new obsession on these amazing Japanese tapes.

Our work area is filled with inspiration images, books, treasures, and of course colourful art supplies.

Black and white dress for spring. Thank you sweet Iris for being our IDOM girl.

Asymmetrical tunic with volume layering.

Thanks Caitlin for letting me have a day off!  We are located at 811 East Burnside Suite 213, Portland, OR 97214.  +1 503 477 6818

The studio is on the second floor facing Burnside Street.  Visit our lovely Caitlin soon.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.


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