Lovely Space

29 11 2011

We moved things around in the shop.  I’m loving the new space right now.  I think that we have the best light in our little shop.  Several travelers said that the little IDOM feels like a smaller version of Barneys and Colette.  They kept saying that we should open IDOM in Stockholm, or Amsterdam,  or Paris.  Such lovely compliments.  It makes this window dresser happy as a clam.

Slouchy pullover from Alternative Apparel paired with IDOM jeans.  Yes my first attempt of designing and making jeans.  So far so good.  Yay!  The ensemble would be lovely with Melissa black boots.

I’m obsessed with turbans and how there are countless ways of folding them.  And how they are so prominent as headdress in so many cultures. The pullover is paired with handmade IDOM bib necklace.

Autumn window

Giraffe tea set via Japan in our window amongst fruit and veggie prop.

Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday.

Content Part 2

18 10 2011

My prior life as a window dresser has always play a big role in my process of designing.  I often think about how the clothes will tell a story.  How the pieces will live in the world.  Eventually I would integrate the inspiration into the concept of editorial shoot for our lookbook, to the window and to the interior of the shop space.  Installation has always been my first love.  It is a chance for the environment and the clothes to live side by side and to interact with each other.  Also it allows the garments to have some breathing room and for the audience to take their own time to view the pieces.  It is also a way for me to give the garments the respect that they deserved.

I wanted our room to feel as if you step into a museum exhibition.  I was lucky enough to be able to study in London, New York, and Paris and often visited Japan yearly.  I was exposed to so many amazing museums, art exhibitions and fashion exhibitions.  Some of my favourites are Victoria and Albert Museum via London, The Kyoto Costume Institute, and Costume Institute at Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Again I wanted the clothes to speak for themselves.

Photos of our Spring/Summer 2012 collection were place on the other side of the room.  Reminded us of a small gallery environment.  Photos shot by Elizabeth Russell and styled by Katie Barton and yours truly.  Collaborated with Lori Fale, Velia Salinas and Caitlin McCloskey.  Miles and Evangelina printed the photos and beautifully hung them on the wall.

Photos shot by Caitlin McCloskey.

Thanks very much to our wonderful team and to the Ace Hotel for hosting the show.

Friday Inspiration

11 02 2011

I’m in heaven for having to be running around to Bergdorf Goodman and “church” of Barneys.  I really miss seeing all the wonderful windows and visual displays at these fantastic institutions.  It is like going to museum for an art installation.  They really put so much work and effort into art of window design.

We just did the Chinese new year window at IDOM.  It is great to see that Bergdorf is on the Chinese new year frame of mind too.  Happy year of the rabbit everyone.


Lovely Window

21 12 2010

How I miss doing big windows especially during the holiday season.  Someday I’ll have big prop house along with my personal library of garments.  Oh, and add ten more windows to the shop.  A girl can day dream, right?  Here is one of my all time favourite holiday window from Bergdorf Goodman via 2008.  I want to live in it!

Wishing you exquisite holidays!

P.S.  Thanks very much to my darling friends M + N for the beautiful pink elephant necklace.  Perfect holiday treat and fabulous good luck charm.  Promise to share some pics soon.  Thank you!



A “Devine” Holiday Window

7 12 2010

Miles and I had a great time putting together this years holiday window. All it took was some old lumber, a saw, a bit of carpentry (provided by Papa Owens), a couple cans of spray paint, a branch, and some tissue paper.  Whoa. But, the most important pieces needed to make this window happen was the arrival of the new Idom A/W collection and a special treat from London via Tatty Devine! A giant dinosaur! Of course we had to find a way to feature both a new Idom dress and Tatty Devine in our holiday window! Take a look, we hope you like it!

Hanging from our Holiday branch are some new accessories we have for the Holidays.

New Cluster Earrings – Tatty Devine

Sweet Black Bow Necklace – Tatty Devine

The perfect small gift. The modern and awesomely packaged,  Eraser+ring from Japan.  Comes in Pink, Blue, Yellow, and White.

Lots of new items in the shop come by and say hi!

Thank you Tatty Devine for sending us such an amazing pieces for our window! You are amazing! Have a great week everyone!

Modi, Evangelina, Caitlin, Velia, Miles, + Lindsay.

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27 09 2010

I’m always looking for inspiration for window design, visual merchandising and our up coming installation at Portland Fashion Week on 6th of October.  Images always stirred up some ideas in me.  Take a look.

Have a brilliant week everyone!

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Caitlin’s Window

17 01 2010

It was my lucky day when Caitlin walked into the shop over two years ago.  She started out by interning at IDOM.  Quickly Caitlin became a vital force in IDOM operation.  You often see her in the shop and all the IDOM events and photo shoots.  I am so grateful for her partnership and her insight.  I can not wait to see her senior collection later this year.  She is amazingly talented and one of the most wonderful person that I ever met.  I feel very privileged to have her as a friend and as our IDOM right hand woman.  She always took such great care of our little shop whether I am here or away.  Her recent window was inspired by Origami Mathematical.  Her next collection is also influenced by science, Axioms and Mathematical equations via Origami. Enjoy window dressing by our Caitlin.

Here is beautiful Caitlin with our Susan Dress from S/S 09.  Caitlin often gives me Saturdays off.  She allows me to have a bit of  a life beyond our IDOM and more time to design new collection.  Thanks, Caitlin!  Please come by and check out Caitlin’s window soon.

P.S.  There have been so many e-mails via the blog and the shop lately.  Please forgive me if I haven’t answered your e-mails yet.  I’m a bit overwhelmed with my incoming mail box.  Trying my best to catch up.  Thank you for your messages.  :-)

IDOM’s room at Content 09

26 10 2009

The Content 09 installation show at the Ace hotel was more fun than I anticipated.  I think that an installation suit me much better than a fashion show.  It allows me to be a bit more calm and creative with how I want to present the work.  Plus I get to do both being a window dresser and a clothing designer.  I wanted to do something a bit creepy for this show.  I took an inspiration from Hitchcock’s film, The Birds.  Beka and I went to the flower market trying to find fake crows and scary looking birds.  Eventually we found owls too.  The concept of yarn came from our fashion shoot from Autumn 09.  My talented friend Marc came up with the idea of wrapping yarns around trees.  I also wanted to just use black and white to echo my pieces.  The black and white yarns went quite well with the clothing details for this Spring/Summer 10 brand new work.  I could not find fake blood that won’t ruin the clothes or the room.  The installation turned out to be more serene and pretty than my original intention.  It is why I love doing windows so much.  You never know how it is going to turn out.  The installation always takes shape on its own term.


My friend Heather helped with for the full 4 hours of installation.  Thanks, Heather!  We had fun.







It was such a pleasure seeing all 35 designers and their rooms.  They were incredible and very creative.  Many thanks to How We Develop, The Ace Hotel, The Portland Mercury, and to everyone who came out and supported our design community.  Can’t wait until next year.  Enjoy your Monday.

Thank you Retail Therapist!

23 09 2009

My friend Sarah informed me that Willamette Week column Retail Therapist wrote about our window, Saint James Shirts, and Knotted Necklace.  Made our day!  Thank you so much to Retail Therapist.  Plus she made me so happy by appreciating my recent semi-what controversial window.  I was only channeling Simon Doonan via Barneys for window dressing inspiration.  I wrote out my manifesto in the window.  It was my way of finding humour in this crazy retail environment.  I mostly meet lots of nice people through out the day.  However, the ones that are absurd were so over the top.  I find that the manifesto helped me to stand up for myself.  Most people found it funny and loved it.  All my friends thought that it was a brilliant idea.  Well, it kept me sane at least for few weeks.

Picture 2

Retail Therapist wrote about our recent window and new product.

“Retail Therapist was on a recon mission earlier today and noticed this interesting display in the window of Idom Boutique on NW 23rd. The notes hanging in the window, written by Modi Soondarotok, are part screed, part declaration of independence and part answers to frequently asked questions—such as where she went to school (Parsons), if she’s going on Project Runway (NO!), and whether she makes everything in the shop (no—does Marc Jacobs make everything himself?).  A reaction to the new season of Project Runway? Inspired by New York Fashion Week? RT doesn’t know, but applauds Modi’s exercise in freedom of expression.”  Read more here.

DSC_0128The concept of my recent window is about the process of designing and making garments.  I had my sketch books, markers, colour pencils, pink sewing machine, and fabric.


My “controversial” manifesto to the world.  Several men high fived me on these notes.  Most people loved them.  Some not so much.  Hey, at least I accomplished my job as a window dresser.  The window worked.  It made people stopped and created some sort of opinions.  Simon would be proud.


Many thanks to Retail Therapist again.  Enjoy your week everyone.

Window Making by Marc Fischer

20 07 2009

I am so excited to have my friend Marc as our guest window designer.  Marc, as I have mentioned many times before is an incredible designer, prop master, stylist, musician, and artist.  He is amazingly talented at anything and everything.  I feel very privileged to have him as our window dresser.

You might remember this darling purple deer.  Nicole wrapped him up in this yarn for our last shoot of summer 09 collection.  It took her all day.  It was so much work!  She was so patience with everything.  Thanks Nic for the sweet deer!

Marc was working hard while Nic and I sat around and had a great visit.

more work.


His inspiration came from our last shoot.  All about the wrapping technique and the yarns.  We had a forest full of yarns through out the trees for the photo shoot.


I LOVE having these strings of yarn in the window.  They are beautiful.


The cutest bird made by Nicole.


Our perfect window.  Simon Doonan would be proud!  Thank you, Marc for your incredible talent.  Marc also has a fantastic blog.  Please view Marc’s daily blog here.


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