New Project

29 10 2012

Dear sweet friends of IDOM.  There is an exciting new project in the works.  Caitlin and I are working on migrating our blog into a different setting.  Please forgive us if we are not doing new posts as often.  We will keep you posted on our new exciting adventure.  Take good care of yourself.  Ta ta for now.

Hope you could join us on our new blog.



Note to Myself

22 10 2012

Repeating this mantra to myself lately.

I really hope so…

Happy Weekend

19 10 2012

Enjoy the colours of autumn everyone.  Wishing you a happy weekend.  We are off to a little adventure this weekend for B’s birthday festivity.

Ta ta for now.

Lovely pic by chris glass.

Lovely Nature

16 10 2012

I have been struggling with depression since we closed our shop last January. It is something that I never experienced before. Yes I feel blue here and there. But it was never like this. The sadness brought me to my knees. I couldn’t get out of bed in days and would cried all the time. It felt so foreign to be in a constant state of hopelessness. I knew I needed help. Ever since then I have been in talk therapy every week. The act of sharing really helps. Also knowing that I am not alone is such a gift. I’m learning to enjoy the simple things in life again. Taking photos of my surrounding has been therapeutic. It gives me a creative outlet since I am not ready to jump back into design. There are days when I’m back in that rabbit hole. Although this time around I am more conscious of the warning signs. I am slowly crawling back out into the light.




Bon Week-end!

12 10 2012

Wishing you happy weekend everyone.




Sweet Friend

8 10 2012

Such a wonderful surprise to received this exquisite work from the very talented florist designer Beka via Origin Flowers. Her autumn arrangement is heavenly. Thank you Beka for cheering me up. Life has been a bit harsh on both of us lately. Nothing like a great friendship and flowers to lift up my spirit. Thank you again sweet friend!


Sunny Wednesday

3 10 2012

Happy Wednesday everyone! Enjoy this beautiful blue sky. Sun flowers for a sunny Wednesday.