More on Spring/Summer 09 pieces

2 11 2008

An “Oksanna” shorts and cami. I usually don’t do shorts or pants. However, this time around I was back in Bangkok doing the designing part and production process. It was so darn hot outside. I guess shorts poped up in my head. This piece was inspired by the traditional Thai “jukaben.” It was a way of using one piece of long fabric as pants/shorts for both men and women. Lots of folding and pleating. This piece is for my graceful and beautiful friend Oksanna.

This is an “Evangelina” dress. I posted about her and Miles’s wedding a week ago. What can I say about Evangelina? She is very kind and very talented. This dress is for her. The old aluminum bracelets are from Karan Hill Tribe people up in the mountains of northern Thailand. I was so excited to find these amazing bracelets.

I truly love my darling friend Susan’s asethetic. The way she can wear one simple button down shirt and paired with cool belt and interesting shoes. Simple, modern, and beautiful. We met in design school in New York. She has been putting up with me invading her home whenever I’m back in the city. This is a dress inspired by my wonderful friend Susan.

The dress was so diffucult to drape. Took me several fittings to get it right. I always loved the Goddess inspired Greek garments. Again I borrowed the way one can use a long piece of fabric to wrap a body in different manners. I called this piece an “Amy Goddness Dress.” Amy and I have been collaborating on our many designs through out the years. Our hope is that someday we can fully design a collection together. She is an incredible and gifted designer and a loveliest friend. I had the woven silver bracelet made by Hill Tribe people. The silver sandals was my first attempt of designing shoes. They were made in Bangkok.

My Grannie and my mum has this fantastic antique textile collection. As a kid I was so fascinated by old laces from Belgium and Holland. The intricate construction and the texture were out of this world. The concept of lace really influnced this whole collection. The silhouette of this dress really came from my Grannie. The dress is named after her “Rumjuan.”

I have been very lucky to have such great girlfriends in my life. They are smart, strong, independent, kind and beautiful individuals. My friend Sarah has been through so much with the IDOM adventure. From the beginning until now. She is so insightful and so patience with the nature of small business. Sarah has been doing the PR part for IDOM from Argentina. I can’t tell her of how much I appreciated her help. This is a “Sarah” Blouse and Shorts.

More photos next post.




2 responses

3 11 2008

I love the new stuff! So beautiful, you obviously worked hard in Thailand :-).

4 11 2008

Hi Maura,

Thank you so much!
You are the BEST!

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