Jenny Yuen New Fall 08 Collection

16 11 2008

Many of you have asked me about the new Jenny Yuen Handbags.  Her new collection is quite exquisite.  I can’t wait to own one or maybe all pieces.  I adore her work.  Jenny and I met while we were designing for Twinkle.  We definitely bonded over the years of how crazy fashion industry can be.  We left it all behind to start our own businesses.  Now we are “pow wow” buddies over how hard it is to be an independent designers.  We really do keep telling each other that things will work out.  We just have to have hope and stay positive.  I truly treasure our friendship.


“Cleo Plum Shadow Puppet Print” from Jenny Yuen current collection.

This is such a unique and a very clever print.  It is so fantastic!  Got to have one soon!


“Esme”, “Cleo”, and “Amelie”

How I want to own them all!  An Amelie tote would be a perfect size for my next trip back to New York.

All Jenny Yuen hand bags are made in New York City.  She truly believes in supporting her fellow Americans.  There are not many handbag factories left in the states.  Go out and support your young American designers!

You can purchase Jenny Yuen handbags online HERE or come by IDOM.

You should also check out her blog HERE.




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