Return of the Grunge Era and Doc Martens

27 11 2008

I have been spotting the plaid trend everywhere in Tokyo.  The 1990s is back for sure.  Fashion is a funny time machine.  Hopefully this nineties revival will be a bit more refined and more chic.  I can’t take the over sized lumberjack plaid flannel look.  I also have been seeing lots of Doc Martens on my latest trip and on many fashion blogs from all over the world.  They are back!


I think this look is such a cool take on the eighties and the nineties.  Lace, leather jacket, and of course Doc Martens.  I love how she layers all of her pieces and the big scarf added a nice touch of volume.  This is from Stockholm Street Style fashion blog.  Thank you for the image.  Check out their blog here.


I also think that Doc Martens got their big push when the famous British model Agyness Deyn wears them everywhere.


Agyness Deyn and her white Doc Martens.


The photo is taken from Singapore via Face Hunter Fashion blog.  Amazing how the trend is spreading like wild fire.  I should have kept my docs!  Check out Face Hunter here.


naomi campbell and kristen mcmenamy photographed by steven meisel

Marc Jacobs really captured the mood of the era so well in his 1993 collection for Perry Ellis.


Marc Jacobs Grunge inspried collection for Perry Ellis Spring/Summer 1993.


Marc Jacob Fall 2006 Collection.  More sophisticated grunge version.


More from Marc Jacobs Fall 2006 collection.

Ready or not here comes the nineties!!




2 responses

16 02 2009

Im only 13 but i love th 90’s style and personaly i dont think its cumn bck i think its been here!!!!!!!!!!!! (P.s love the way shes rocken those DOCS) 😉

13 05 2009

I live here in the philippines! I was only a kid in that era but i’d say I belong there! That DOCs were also everywhere in the 90’s here in the philippines (i still have mine til now…). KURT lives!!!

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