Mumbai and Bangkok

1 12 2008

Mumbai, India


A sense of the ferocity of the assault on Mumbai over the course of three days is visible at sites across the Indian city.

Memorial to the dead outside the Taj Mahal hotel

Memorials to the dead have been created across the city.


Outside the Taj Mahal hotel, which was also badly damaged in the attacks, clearing up continues.


The grief caused by a group of young men determined to cause mayhem is incalculable.


Hospitals across the city are treating the many wounded.

Bangkok, Thailand


Tensions are simmering as the occupation of the Thai capital’s two main airports continues.


The protesters, who want the government to resign, have occupied both the international and domestic airports, forcing the cancellation of all flights.


The stand-off is raising fears of clashes between pro- and anti-government factions. Early on Sunday, about 50 protesters were hurt in a grenade attack attributed to government supporters.


Tens of thousands of travellers are stuck in the Thai capital. Flights are leaving from airports outside Bangkok, but supply cannot meet demand.


But there was good news for a group of Thai Muslims, who were due to set off for their Haj pilgrimage from U-Tapao air base south of Bangkok.




2 responses

1 12 2008

lots of prayers go out to those affected. very sad indeed.

2 12 2008

thank you so much for sending out good thoughts.
i am touched. thank you!

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