Returning to the Mothership!

2 12 2008

I am heading back to New York City in couple days.  Looking forward to see all my lovely peeps and my old neighborhoods.  Here are some of my favorite places.


Brooklyn Bridge


Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  This is on Bedford Ave.  Our old apartment was not too far from this L train subway stop.


Central Park


Union Square


I am praying that I will not be going back to this kind of snow storm situation.  This was in front of our old apartment.  I guess this is a risk you take of traveling to the east coast during the winter.  I was telling my friend Salwa that I will have to pull out my old New York hard core winter coat.  Yikess!!




4 responses

2 12 2008

Have a wonderful time! I’m sure everyone is excited to see you. And maybe we’ll be on the same flight home… I’m still deciding.

2 12 2008

thank you so much!! looking forward to catch up with everyone.
maybe i’ll see you in new york??

3 12 2008

I’m so jealous, I want to go, too! Have a wonderful trip!

3 12 2008

Hi Muara,
I wish you could come with me too. Next time!
Thank you for your good wishes.
It was so nice running into you and Billy last night.
Lets hang out again soon.

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