Lovely New York

16 12 2008

It is so nice to be back in New York.  To see all the familiar friendly faces.  I do miss all my friends very much.  I wish Portland and New York were much closer than this.  Truly a treat to see everyone.


I woke up to this view every morning at my dearest friend Sue’s apartment.  Such a priveleged to see the Chrysler building daily.  Many thank yous to Sue for her kindness and for the wonderful visit.


I love New York during the holidays.  It is so festive and so beautiful everywhere!


My amazing friend Sue and I were on our way to MOMA.


Grand Central.


Our old neighborhood Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  I can’t believe of how many new shops, restaurants, and condos are everywhere.  Our favorite old Polish markets, cafes, and video rental shops have all gone away within a year.  Even the laundry place has turned into a trendy restaurant.  So sad!


Brad and my old apartment on Bedford Avenue.  It is the second floor above a great Polish restaurant and a little market.  I was thankful that both of the places are still there.


My lovely friend Elisha.  I was making her walk around with me in my old neighborhood.  We had a nice time back in Brooklyn.


Two of our sweetest friends Mike and Amy in Red Hook just had a brand new baby boy.  Meet the adorable Harry!


Paridee my social butterfly friend.  We loved this little gallery in lower east side.


Interesting building in Soho.




2 responses

17 12 2008

Oh my…….I am taking Miles to New York (his first time there) next week for the holiday. Seeing your photos…I can’t wait. See you soon, in the New Year. miss miss miss you!

18 12 2008

i’m sure you and miles will have a fantastic time in new york.
have fun!
see you next year.
miss you too.

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