Alice in Wonderland

17 12 2008

As I have mentioned before.  I really really love doing the window.  I think that there are something interesting about the 3d dimension of installing props and clothes.  The mannequin girls are always having some sort of activity to do.  I often enjoy coming up with a story for the window.  I think that I drive my husband, Brad crazy.  I usually ask him and our friends for all kind of props.  The joy of being married to a mad window dresser!


It took me quite a while to find a white apron and a tea set.  It was worth the search.


I was lucky that my friend Jeanne had the giant playing cards.  I also love all the jewelry pieces from Demimonde by Rachael Donaldson and the Paris charm bracelet from Gallery by Maya.


I love the little bunny.  It was handmade by a talented illustrator in Bangkok.  The necklace is one of my favorite from Demimonde, Portland.  The handmade fushia pocket book is from Jesse Champlin of Rush Accessories in Portland as well.  The fushia blouse is from IRO.   The two designer brothers are from Paris.


The printed silk dress is also from IRO.  The black gold chain handbag is from my dear friend Jenny Yuen, New York.




2 responses

18 12 2008

I loved the window too! It all came together so nicely. I bet you’re dying to re-do the window today! You should! It makes you so happy! xo-*a

18 12 2008

i love your window! it is so so darling!
thank you very much for taking great care of the shop and the window. 🙂
see you soon.

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