Chanel Pre-Fall 2009 Collection

25 12 2008

My friend Salwa has been telling me about this Chanel collection.  I only now have a chance to check it out.  Also my friend Jessie of Pattern People bloged about this collection as well.  I love love love this “Paris-Moscou” Russian inspired collection.


One of the best work from Karl Lagerfeld.  “A Russian Uniform”


Are those tall boots or leather leggings?  Either way it is amazing!


The pattern on the dress is quite beautiful.


I adore this look.  Lagerfeld’ interpretation of the classic Coco Chanel’s suit.  So modern and timeless.


The embroidery work on this piece is delightful.  Many hours of work gone into making these pieces.  All hand done.  I truly appreciated that Chanel still supports the French embroiderers, milliners, goldsmiths, and shoemakers.  Their skills are incredible!


Just stunning.


The head pieces are the work of art.




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11 01 2010

sexy shoes ,i like it

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