Demimonde Jewelry

7 01 2009

Demimonde earrings.  Please come by the shop and check out the new beautiful pieces.


The word “demimonde,” French for “half-world,” is the polite 19th Century term used in the same way we use “mistress” today.

Demimonde is a line of jewelry created by Portland based artist, Rachael Donaldson. Her designs revel in our sometimes illicit affairs with the objects with which we adorn ourselves. A Fine Arts graduate of Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, Donaldson is a self-taught jeweler who likes to think of her work as an indulgent, guilty pleasure. Her designs and materials are constantly changing, inspired by visits to museums, antique stores, nature trails, and fashion. Donaldson is also a painter and novice potter.


Rachael’s work has been getting more and more interesting and stunning each season.  Her collection has done amazingly well at IDOM.  Her designs are very architectural and organic.  I love her jewelry.  Please check out her website here. You can now purchase her work online here.




2 responses

9 01 2009

Those are gorgeous. I didn’t know that about demimonde, thanks for the history of the 1800’s lesson!!

9 01 2009

I’m glad you like the work. I didn’t know the history either until Rachael told me. I guess we learn something new everyday.
Have a great weekend!!

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