Our Ceilings

9 01 2009

Brad thought that I shouldn’t post about our awful leaking ceilings in our kitchen and dining room over the Christmas Holiday.  He thought it wasn’t pretty or glamorous for a little fashion blog.  I argued that as a small indie designer.  This is a part of our challenges choosing to have a small business.  We still don’t own a house or have fancy cars.  Yes, we both have massive amount of student loans.  Him from under grad and law school.  Me from art and design school.  Oh, and I do have loads of business loans.  So, here we are renting an old charming apartment with lots of imperfections.


The pipes upstairs bursted during the snow storm and over the Christmas Holiday.


I guess I can put up with leaking ceilings as long as I can do of what I really really love.  It is worth putting up the fight.  The ceilings are finally being fixed this week.  We are living amongst dust and dirt.  Welcome to a small business owner world!




2 responses

9 01 2009

Wow! Hope none of your stuff got destroyed by the leak! Glad it’s being fixed now. 🙂

9 01 2009

Hi Maura,
Thank you so so much!! Hopefully this process will be over soon.
I’m tired of living in a construction zone!
See you soon,

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