Holiday Window

11 01 2009

As you can probably tell by now.  I am extremely obsessed with window dressing and visual merchandising.  I am constantly looking for props and more stories to tell.  As a shop owner.  I’m thankful that I have prior experience as a visual merchandiser.  The knowledge is so valuable.  The art of lighting or the position of objects can influence the consumers.  Plus I completely enjoy the process very much.  Designing my own label and being a window dresser are my dream jobs.  Even with the struggle of financial situation and our recession period.  I still feel privileged to wake up everyday and go to a job that I madly love.


This girl in a Sea Urchin Dress went into the forest and cut down her own “White Christmas Tree.”  Notice the saw on her left hand. Many thanks to Beka of Origin Flowers for letting me borrow her Christmas tree and lovely pink ornaments.


The girl on the left is stringing popcorn and cranberries.  Thanks to Mary for actually stringing the project.


More popcorn and cranberries.



Wishing all of you a happy new year!




2 responses

13 01 2009
asteria inten

Hi ! i really love your window. It’s warm and elegant and also naughty ( look the saw and popcorn…. ). I’m also a VM and seeing a beautiful window like this is an excitement.

13 01 2009

hi there,

thank you so much for liking the window and for your comment. it will be great to see your work. will you send me some photos of your windows? thank you so much again,


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