Waking up happy!

16 01 2009

I was so delighted to see this beautiful image of a woman from Florence, Italy via The Sartorialist.  It is very rare to see photos of a mature stunning woman on his site or any sites.  She is chic and sophisticated.  I love her proportion with the long coat and the layer of scarf.   The pants and the boots are fantastic as well.  I hope that I can gracefully grow into a mature woman just like this elegant individual from Florence.


My mum and grannie have taught me to take pride of how you present yourself to yourself and to the world.  Taking time to create a beautiful look for yourself really say a lot about how you feel inside and outside.  Many thanks to The Sartorialist for his divine image.  Please check out his blog here.




4 responses

16 01 2009

OH my gosh! I reacted the same way about this image. You will definitely have wonderful style as you age my friend! AND, you’ll help the rest of us remember to style it up as we age too! xo*a

16 01 2009

i just want to have a chat with her over dinner. i think she would have so many interesting stories to tell. i hope i can be as chic as her when i get there. don’t you worry i would definitely style you up! enjoy the sun!!

16 01 2009

I totally agree! I hate that in our culture you pretty much are expected to lose your beauty past the age of 25. When really I think women just get more interesting and beautiful as they age. I love images of women who realize that! I think that’s part of the reason why I loved Mamma Mia so much, three strong middle aged women who are allowed to still be attractive and sexy on the screen, so unusual! Thanks for sharing, Modi. 🙂

16 01 2009

thank you, maura. i went to see mamma mia with my mum and her best girlfriend in bangkok. we said the same thing as you mentioned. plus mum and her best friend have the most fun attitude about aging. they are still hanging out together with their other college friends and they sang karaoke weekly. they are constantly traveling and living a great life. they still feel beautiful and they look amazing!!
bravo to the ladies!!
have fun in dc. say hi to the obama family for all of us.

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