Winter Sale!

17 01 2009

Marking down pieces are so hard on my mental health.  The garments took such a long time to design, to source fabric, to produce and to bring them back here.  I guess this is a great practice of letting go.  Well, we are putting all Fall/Winter 08 on sale at 40% to 75% off.  Hopefully these clothing babies will find good home.


Come by and say hello.  It is so beautiful outside today.  Enjoy your weekend!



2 responses

20 01 2009
Kathy D. Allegri


Because of my island heritage, and being an artist, your colors and designs immediately pulled me into your shop.

I’ll send you photos of me in your Seaweed foam dress. I like your photo of the older (than me) European woman–graceful, confident, and elegant in her maturity. I like being ‘soixante, mais, jamais vielle!’ and able to wear your designs, which are ageless.

You are a true talent. Keep working; that’s what artists do…


“Aunty” Kathy

20 01 2009

Dear “Aunty” Kathy,

It was my lucky day when you walked into the shop. You are such a fashion forward woman. It was so refreshing to meet you. Thank you for supporting your local independent designer! I hope to see your paintings soon.
Thank you so much again!

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