Le Corbusier and Villa Savoye

19 01 2009

I wasn’t feeling too well today.  It was a great opportunity to sleep and to slow down.  I was looking through my old sketch books and some photos today.  Found these great images from Villa Savoye from a Swiss Architect, Le Corbusier.  The building was build in 1929 in Poissy near Paris.  My prior collection for spring 08 was inspired by this building.  Nothing like studying architecture, art, and fashion in Paris.  Oh, the good old days!


Outside of Villa Savoye.  Such a beautiful building.  I can not believe it was done in 1929.  Still so modern today.


The terrace.


Bath tub.


Living room.




Roof top.


If you have a chance to visit Paris.  Go check out Villa Savoye.  It is an important piece of history in modern architecture.



2 responses

19 01 2009

Wow, that place looks really awesome. Hope you’re feeling better! Thanks for the inspiration.

20 01 2009

Hi Nic,
Thank you so much! I am trying to get over this awful sore throat. Hope you are having a great day. Thank you for commenting all the blog.
Talk to you soon.
Thank you so so much for designing the lookbook.
Love you lots,

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