Missing home

2 02 2009

We had a long day at the Bargain Hunting 101 sale event at Crystal Ballroom.  It was a fantastic turn out!  Thank you to everyone for coming out and for once again supporting our tiny little business.  It has been such a quiet month at the shop.  This event really helped us out with paying bills, paying school loans and paying rent.  We might make it after all!!  Thank you very much to Mary for organizing everything and for working so hard at the sale.  Thank you to Caitlin and Brad for always helping out.  And to Angie for minding the shop.  It does take a village to make it work.  I’m so lucky to have such wonderful group of friends.

Anyhow, I am missing home tonight.  Missing mum and dad and the vibrant lights and the colours.  This old issue of Selvedge magazine cheered me up.  If you have a chance check out this wonderful English Textile magazine sometime.  They will make you happy too.






These images just make me so happy.  Just want to wrap myself up into those beautiful texture and colours.




4 responses

2 02 2009

I love my new sweater from Bargain Hunting 101. Nice seeing you yesterday. Beautiful photos too. Hope you’re feeling less homesick.

2 02 2009

hi nic,
thank you for your always supporting me and idom. you are so wonderful! it was lovely seeing you as well. i’m actually going home next wed. grannie isn’t doing so well. it will be great to see everyone. i’ll try to get work done too.
i’m so glad you are enjoying the new sweater. and it is staying in the family!

3 02 2009

Those photos are gorgeous, and so welcome right now! I have a hard time with how monochromatic our winters can be here, so much gray and brown, those colors are very welcome. Have a great trip home, hope your grannie gets better soon.

4 02 2009

it is difficult to live with gray and brown all winter long. although summer here is amazing! i guess we just have to keep ourselves occupied. it will be lovely to be home with grannie and my parents. i’ll try bring back some sunshine. thank you very much for your good wishes. you are so kind.

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