More leaking ceiling :-(

9 02 2009

We woke up this Saturday morning with more leaking ceiling.  This time is in the bathroom.  Are we suppose to be learning something important from the leaking ceiling situation?  Maybe it means that we should just find a new place and move again.  It is life!  I guess things can always be worst.  Just a little glimpse of a small business owner’s life.  I am so lucky to have a sweet husband and a kitty cat that are willing to put up with this adventure.


I promise to post something more beautiful and uplifting tomorrow.


We are catching the water drip via the bucket on top of the toilet.  The ceiling debris are on the floor.  Some part of the ceiling failed down.  Yikess!!  We also acquired very young neighbors upstairs.  We have been woken up at four in the morning and various times through out the night with lots of music and screaming.  I think Brad and I are really sleep deprived.  It is a sign to move, yes?  So sorry this is not glamerous at all!




2 responses

9 02 2009

oh NO! Not again. I hope a new beautiful, quiet space becomes available for you all to move into. Maybe your sweet husband can find something while you are in Bangkok? xo-*a

10 02 2009

i know, i know the saga continues!! i hope a beautiful and peaceful space will be appearing in our lives soon. brad needs to get on it! just kidding. he puts up with me and my craziness enough as it is. i think stares needs to learn how to use internet. got to put those paws to work. 🙂

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