My amazing friends Elizabeth and Sarah!

10 02 2009

I have been more than lucky to have a group of amazing friends.  All of us have certain special skills that we all contributed to our little baby named IDOM.  My lovely friend Sarah has been more than kind to do all of IDOM PR.  She came up with this idea of a cookie campaign drop off at all of boutique hotels downtown.  Most of our customers came from other places from all over the country and all over the world.  There are only special few of you out there that actually live here.  So Sarah thought why not focus on those group of people?  We asked our friend Elizabeth who is this exquisite cook to bake us cookies.  She is a very talented interior architect and a full time manager at the Clyde Common.  Elizabeth designed the packaging and made all of the boxes herself.  Check out the cookies and the beautiful colourful packaging.


Took Elizabeth all day on Saturday about 13 hours to bake and to make boxes.  She is incredible.  The cookies were divine!




The envelops encompassed the Albeta maps.  The business cards are inside the boxes.


Sarah picked me up on Sunday and she drove me around for the cookie drop off.  I think all of us really had fun doing it.  As promised I was going to post something beautiful and uplifting.  Thank you Sarah and Elizabeth.  Once again I owe you two more dresses!!




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