T R I B B L E & M A N C E N I D O

11 02 2009

I got the best e-mail today.  It is from my friend Tracey via New York and everywhere else in the states at the moment.  She and her husband Frank are exploring their lives as truckers across the US with their kitty cat.  They are fine art photos collaborators.  Their work are incredible.  They are in this Sunday New York Times.  I am so proud of them for following their dreams and their hearts.  The images are from their Pillow Talk work.


“IN 2004, an African-American from South Carolina named James Frank Tribble moved to New York to attend art school. Two years later, he met Tracey Mancenido, a fashion school graduate, whose parents had immigrated to Queens from the Philippines.”

Kaseem and Delonte, Midwood, Brooklyn, 2007


Sean and Brooke, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, 2007


Melanie and Natasha, Upper West Side, 2007


Reid and Christine, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, 2008

Please read the article from New York Times here. Check out the slide show of their work here.

You can also follow their trucking and photographing adventure at tribblemancenido.blogspot.com.

Sending Tracey, Frank, and kitty lots of love!




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15 04 2009

Hey Tracy, Frank is that you guys?

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