Autumn/Winter 2009 Samples

6 03 2009

I definitely have been MIA.  My grannie wasn’t doing well.  I went back to Bangkok to be with her.  Didn’t have much time to travel or take photos.  I was lucky enough to get some work done.  I’m back in the states for two days now.  Still struggling with the jet lag.  Thank you for all the good wishes from everyone to me and my family.  Grannie is doing much better.  She is in a great spirit.  Here are some samples that I managed to get done while I was in Bangkok.


This collection was really influenced by music and its structural complexity.  Music to me is very much like buildings or paintings.  It has its own layers, colours, feelings, and texture.  My husband Brad is a devoted fan of Bob Dylan.  Dylan’s music really was a crucial part of our relationship.  I kept listening to his music while sketching.  The result is surprising.  The collection is full of optimism with brighter colours.  Of course there are still lots of gray, but in a lighter palette of blue family.


Dylan is such a modern time poet.  His story telling ability is phenomenal.




I love playing with more masculine detail on delicate fabric and pleating technique.



My first vibrant red dress.  I think my subconsciousness is trying to tell me that there are always hope in this uncertain time.


This is a “bob and brad” collection.




9 responses

6 03 2009

So beautiful! I can’t wait to see it in person. Great work!

6 03 2009

you are so kind! thank you very much!
see you soon.

6 03 2009

I can’t wait to see these in person either. the printed fabric in the first two samples are to die for! eeek! see you soon. XO*a

6 03 2009

Wow, Modi. Beautiful work. And welcome home.

6 03 2009

hi angie and maura,

thank you so much! it is great to be home.
looking forward to see you guys soon.

6 03 2009

Modi!!! You have totally outdone yourself – this collection is gorgeous. I can’t wait to stop in and see these beauties in person.

6 03 2009

hi susan,

i hope you are doing well. thank you so much for your comment.
please stop by soon. would love to catch up with you.


9 03 2009

Modi, I can’t to try on these beautiful dresses!


P.S. My hairdresser says that another client of hers thinks that your store is the only place worth shopping in Portland.

9 03 2009

Hi Jackie,

You made my day! It is such a lovely compliment!
Looking forward to see you in the new dresses.
Thank you so much,

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