New Spring Dresses

8 03 2009

I am up late as usual with my awful jet lag.  It is snowing here tonight.  I can’t believe it!  I am hopeful that lovely spring weather will be here soon.  Here are some new dresses and a brand new blouse to welcome some sunshine.


Sarah Blouse $145.  Named after my sweet friend Sarah who does all the IDOM PR.  Thank you, Sarah!


Chintana Dress $320.  This one is for my amazing mum.  Without her there would never be IDOM.


Jenny Yuen Dress $300.  Inspired by the ever so talented handbag designer and great friend, Jenny.

Please come by and say hello.  Looking forward to catch up with all of you.




2 responses

12 03 2009

i can’t wait to see the whole collection together again.
this season is by far the most beautiful and detailed work i’ve seen so far.
great work.
let nic+i know when you want to barrow the deer for the window.

12 03 2009

hi marc, i hope you are well and happy. thanks so much for liking the work. that means so much to me. i would love to borrow the purple deer soon. i’ll let nic know. you should come over and redo the window. see you soon!

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