18 03 2009

New Collection Features Original IDOM Designs and Lower Price Point
for the Budget-Conscious, Fashion-Forward Woman

Portland, Ore. — March 17, 2009 — This week, IDOM, a Portland-based fashion boutique with an in-house label of the same name, launches its fourth season of high fashion women’s wear. Designer Modi Soondarotok sites her mother, grandmother and the strength of her female friendships as the muses for her Spring-Summer collection.  Soondarotok’s designs also took shape from the inspiration she found in lace;  the way it represents femininity and has been used in various cultures throughout history. With an eye focused on these challenging economic times, Soondarotok’s newest collection features a number of original designs priced under $100. IDOM’s Spring-Summer collection is available at the IDOM boutique located at 1600 NE Alberta St. in Portland and on its website,

“While everyone is thinking about cutting back these days, I wanted to give women an option for freshening up their spring wardrobes with a new and original piece, without needing a federal bailout,” said Soondarotok. “That’s why I created a number of colorful, versatile pieces in my silk jersey and jewelry collections that are under $100,”continued Soondarotok.

About the Spring- Summer Collection
For the original designs in IDOM’s Spring-Summer collection Soondarotok not only highlights lace for its texture and weaving, but has also incorporated her fascination with the wrapping and folding techniques of the sari, kimono, Thai traditional garments, and the Greek toga into various pieces.  To bring these designs to life, Soondarotok uses hand-loomed Thai silks, printed Japanese silks, cottons, lace and knit jersey materials to create this season’s collection of blouses, skirts, shorts and IDOM’s signature piece, the dress.  The result is a compilation of garments that are clean, modern and often oversized in design but also upbeat, elegant and wearable day or night.  All IDOM pieces are handmade in Soondarotok’s native Thailand where she personally meets with a small group of seamstresses employed to sew all IDOM garments.

About IDOM
Founded in 2006 by designer Modi Soondarotok, a Parsons School of Design graduate, IDOM is a Portland-based fashion boutique with an in-house label of the same name. IDOM’s name is derived by reversing the letters in the owner’s name, thus Modi spelled backwards is IDOM.  Clean, modern and often oversized, IDOM’s original styles are designed for the fashion-forward woman and strive to combine equal parts creativity, quality and social responsibility. Located at 1600 NE Alberta Street please visit IDOM in-person Monday through Saturday from 11 to 6 and Sunday from 11 to 5 or visit IDOM online at or







3 responses

18 03 2009

That’s great! Nice press release. I can’t wait to see this stuff in the store.

24 03 2009

LOVE love LOVE the collection!!
I need to go to Portland!!
Hope to see you in NY soon?!!
I’m eyeing the Chinatana dress!!

24 03 2009

hi nic, it was so nice to see you on saturday. thank you so much for giving the little dress a good home. you are the BEST!

hi miss T, hope you are having fun out on the open road of united states. i’ll try to bring some pieces when i’m back in new york. hope to go back in beginning of may. can’t wait to see you.


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