New Earrings, Yippie!

26 03 2009

Many of you have asked when Angie Burr of Effie Girlie Finerie was going to bring more of her wonderful earrings.  They are in the shop now.  Rachael Donaldson of Demimonde also brought in some new feather earrings as well.  Also our friend Nicole Fischer made this beautiful copper bracelet.  It is her fist try!  Promise to post the photo of her bracelet soon.  I’m a lucky gal to have talented friends!


You can read Angie’s great blog here. Please view more of her work on Etsy here. Come by and visit her at IDOM on Sundays.


New great feather earrings from Demimonde.  Rachael has many other beautiful pieces in the shop.  Come by and take a look.  Read more about Rachael on OregonLive. You can visit her website here.




4 responses

26 03 2009

Yippee is right – I love Angie’s designs!

26 03 2009

it is so lovely to have angie’s work in the shop. i love your designs too!!

26 03 2009

Thank you sweet Modi! I love Rachel’s (of Demimonde) jewelry. The combination of feathers, chain and rough cut stones in her work is absolutely gorgeous! I look forward to seeing Nicole’s bracelet soon. *angie

26 03 2009

thank you, my wonderful friend. i have enjoyed having your pieces in the store. will look forward to have some collection of your textile soon.
have a great day!

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