Thank you to Paridee from NYC

29 03 2009

Big thanks to my wonderful friend Paridee for blogging about IDOM.  I feel so grateful and extremely lucky to have an amazing group of friends.  They are so precious.  These lovely individuals have always giving their endless love and support to me and my little IDOM.

this green dress “Paridee’s Dress” named after her NYC friend.

“NYC molded many designers, some still stick around in the big apple, some moved away to West Coast, as our friend Modi, who launched her own line “IDOM ” & boutique in Portland after being in NYC for many years, bring some NYC experiences to Portland, Oregon.  Check out her collection and see some new Spring-Summer 2009 collection. ”  From What’s Good In NYC.

Please check out Paridee’s great Blog here.  Paridee is an amazing designer.  She works for Ralph Lauren.  She often has many art exhibitions both in paintings and in toys all over New York City.  Thank you to my delightful friend/little sister Paridee.  I miss you and New York!




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