Wunderkind Autumn 09

12 04 2009

The most accessible brand from a whimsical Dutch designer Wolfgang Joop.   Wunderkind showed its Autumn 09 collection in Paris this season.  Wunderkind clothes are built slightly oversize for a larger-than-life effect. Flirty colours like carnation red and robin’s-egg blue are standards for Joop, who builds fun silhouettes like billowy skirts and low-slung cargo pants for his women. Slightly conceptual and especially popular in Australia and Germany.









Wolfgang Joop’s Autumn Wundurkind collection was inspired by Suprematism, the early-twentieth-century Russian abstract art movement founded by Kazimir Malevich, as well as by the work of contemporary German artist Gregor Törzs.  I love the fact that he is taking a risk with mixing print on print.  The result is whimsical and fun.  The coats and jackets are beautiful filled with complicated construction details.



2 responses

14 04 2009

I saw some clothes kind of like this up in Seattle, love this style! (they were all much more simple, but they have a similar sculptural appeal)

15 04 2009

i would love to see the clothes that you saw in seattle. i adore this style too.
hope to see you soon.

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