More Unrest in Thailand

14 04 2009

I love traveling and living in various countries in the world.  I think learning about other cultures and people really gives  you an insight about life.  You know that you are able to adapt and enjoy life wherever you choose to call home.  The toughest part about living abroad is that your family is so far away.  Things seem a lot worst when you are viewing it through the news.  This week my beloved Thailand is facing another difficult time.  I am worry about the people and the future of the country.  Of course I have been on the phone with my sweet parents through out the day.  I am sending out good thoughts and prayers that things will resolve quickly.


Thaksin supporters gathered outside Government House. The demonstrators are known as the “red shirts” because of their clothing.  Thaksin Shinawatra was a prime minister of Thailand.  He was found guilty with corruption charges.  He has been exiled to an unknown location.  The protesters  are seeking Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva’s resignation and new elections.


The standoff continued into the late morning today and more protesters headed to the area from the prime minister’s office, where thousands of people have been demonstrating for several days.


In one clash on Monday, soldiers fired shots from automatic rifles and threw tear gas at the protesters, who answered with gasoline bombs. The gunfire appeared to be aimed above the protesters, but hospitals reported more than 70 injured, many from tear gas, and some news reports said that two demonstrators and two soldiers had been shot and wounded.


Soldiers moved toward an area held by protesters near the Government House in Bangkok, in what appeared to be a final push to end demonstrations that have further hobbled a country still reeling from political chaos last year and the global financial crisis.


Residents armed themselves against supporters of the former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra during a protest. The violence came on what is normally a day of animated celebration, the Buddhist new year and water festival.




5 responses

14 04 2009

sending out good thoughts too. i hope there is no more violence.

14 04 2009

thank you, salwa! i hope things will be okay again soon.

14 04 2009

sending your parents and family lot of love and hoping for peace soon. BIG love to you! *a

14 04 2009

Sending out good thoughts that this will resolve quickly and without further violence or injury. Glad to hear your family is okay.

15 04 2009

hi angie and maura,

thank you so much for your kindness. everyone back home is okay. we are all praying that things will be sorted out soon.
thank you again.

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