“Our Collection” page is finally up and running!

20 04 2009

My friend Angie Burr is my website designer Goddess.  It has been a headache trying to update our website.  I can go on and on of how difficult it is to maintain the IDOM site.  Angie has been a tremendous help on everything from fixing the site and getting the e-commerce part working again.  The website takes so much work from taking good product photos, to cleaning up the images with photo shop, to writing out garment descriptions and to keeping track of inventory.  Angie did it all.  I could not have done this without her relentless help and expertise.   I always tell her that I owe her our first born kitty cat!  Thank you to miss Angie!  She got our current collection page up and running again.  Hooray!  Oh, she and Sarah also made me have a blog, a twitter thing, and a face book page for IDOM.  I am finally living in the 21st century.


Please view our IDOM Spring/Summer 2009 Collection here.




4 responses

20 04 2009

oh my goodness! Well, I must say it’s a delight working with you Modi! Your gorgeous work and the beautiful photography made it all very easy. For all of Modi and Idom fans out there, we’re working on creating an even more beautiful website in the near future, so stay tuned! Big love to you Modi! *a

20 04 2009

sending angie lots and lots of love! thank you so much for everything. it has been a pleasure working with you. hope you are getting so much done today. don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. xoxo, m

20 04 2009

That’s fantastic, Modi! What an awesome friend you’ve got in Angie. I’m sure Elizabeth Russell will be delighted to see her photos put to such great use, too! Keep up the great work!!

21 04 2009

hi nic, could not have done all of this without you and marc! i will let elizabeth know that her work are finally up. it literally takes a village to make this works! hope to see you soon.

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