Where does inspiration come from?

20 04 2009

People often asked me of how I come up with design concept.  Do I dream them up or do they just popped up in my head?  Sometime that scenario does happen.  Although, it is very rare.  As a working designer I usually find inspiration from art, architecture, books, traveling, music, films, nature and people.  Or anything else that I find interesting.   At my old jobs the design direction would come from merchandisers and creative directors.  Usually trend forecasting companies would be a big source for design direction.  It is such a different process doing this on my own.  I would not trade an actual paycheck for my own label.  It is worth the challenges.  My friend Tracey sent me this great blog from a designer in New York, Nancy Jimenez.  Her blog is called “yellow orange wonderland.”  It is a fantastic blog for inspirations.

john galliano / katsushika hokusai / nendo




kenzo / henri matisse



Click here to check out the blog.  Thank you to Nancy for her beautiful blog.




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14 11 2009
nancy jimenez

😉 thank YOU

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