Sailor hearts IDOM!

29 04 2009

What can I say?  My dear friend Maura made my day!  Her kitty kitty Sailor loves IDOM.  He even wants to be a part of our little design business adventure.  Thanks Maura, for the adorable pic!  I’ll have to start making kitty clothes.  🙂


This pic makes me so happy!




5 responses

29 04 2009

He was so jealous of my new dress, he just had to make his own little Idom outfit! 🙂

29 04 2009

he is very creative! i’ll have to make him an idom outfit. thank you for the adorable photo. you made my day!

30 04 2009

I love him too! Maura, you’ve got one cute kitty! *a

30 04 2009

hi maura and angie, we should start an idom kitty fan club. wonder if those monsters would let us put silly outfits on them. thanks again for the photo. made me laugh on a tough day at the office.

4 05 2009

Ha, Sailor usually chooses when he puts things on, he’s a tough little 3.5 legged kitty to catch! 🙂 That cat is always good for a cheer up, I really adore him!

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