Mad for Stripes!

3 05 2009

I am one of those obsessive compulsive types.  I’m often crazy for one thing such as an exaggerated bold necklace or a certain kind of scarf.  I’ll wear my favorite obsession over and over again for weeks.  Then, I’m onto something else after my madness has worn off.  My friend Salwa and my partner Brad can tell you I’m in love with any kind of stripes at the moment.  Something about it reminds me of summer and my childhood.  Yes, mum was into stripes too.  Here are some of my favorite looks for this stripe madness.


Photo from Nast Magazine via France.


Sophie the beautiful photographer and blogger from Nast Magazine.  Check out her blog here.


Photo taken by The Sartorialist in New York.


This little person is so darling!  Makes me want to design children collection.  The photo is from The Sartorialist taken in Sydney.  Please check out his blog here.




2 responses

5 05 2009

oh that little boy!

5 05 2009

i know just want to give him a big old hug!! such a stylish little kiddo!

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