Another dreamy home from Marie Claire Maison

5 05 2009

As promised more beautiful images from French Marie Claire Maison.

I adore the selection of homes featured in each issue.  They finds the most incredible abodes, tucked away in the most remote parts of the world. This particular dwelling I’m sharing with you today is on a picturesque lake in Finland called Saimaa.  The home is owned by Ritva Puotila (who makes amazing textile installation).   Furnished in the gentlest of ways with vintage and handmade Finnish furniture and textiles, Ritva’s home is breathtaking…

The article’s writer, Marion Bley, calls it a modern day summer home for the Robinson’s, with only the bare necessities – there is no electricity, and no hot water. There is however, a separate dwelling for bathing, which is down by the water’s edge…

Marion writes (something like this), “like the tableware, glassware and linen, the furniture, though sparse, has been chosen for it’s beauty and simplicity…”

This article featured in the July/August 2007 issue.

All photographs by Ingalill Snitt.




5 responses

5 05 2009

I want to go to there. don’t worry, only AFTER my portfolio is done! xo*a

5 05 2009

Me, too! So beautiful and peaceful.

5 05 2009

hi guys, me too!! it looks so nice and relaxing.

13 05 2009
tribble & mancenido

LOVE interior and architectural design and can’t wait until we have our own place again!!
this story reminds me of our little house in the woods, though definitely not picture worthy.
i have my eye on a wonderful piece of thrift furniture and it will be the only thing we’ll have for our new place, wherever that may be.
can’t necessarily refurnish and/or decorate the back of a truck 🙂
miss you and when are you coming to NY?!

13 05 2009

i would have loved to see your little cottage in the woods. glad you found one piece of furniture on the road. you will have a home again soon. i had to change my ticket to new york. hoping to come out in august. moving the shop in few days. will send you some pics soon. miss you lots!!

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