Tsumori Chisato Spring/Summer 09

6 05 2009

It was my dad that bought me the first Tsumori Chisato dress when he was at a teaching conference in Tokyo several years ago.  It has an amazing origami technique around the collar and vibrant fun whimsical print.  He did great!  I couldn’t believe that he would pick out a perfect piece for me.  He said that it reminded him of how I used to dress as a kid.  Loads of print on print.  I also added many of my Grannie dramatic necklaces and endless amount of bracelets.  Yes, I looked like a Japanese cartoon character and a nutty child at the same time.

tsumorichisatoss091Japanese designer Tsumori Chisato began working for Issey Miyake in 1977, who helped her launch her own line in 1990.  She first brought her collection to Paris in 2003 and has been quietly building street cred with cool girls in Paris, Los Angeles, and New York ever since.

tsumorichisatoss092Her collections are faithful to her aesthetic, which is print-heavy with a healthy dose of manga-bohemian cuteness.  Her pieces are often dramatic and bold, many with hand-drawn prints or full-on scenic landscapes.


Chisato employs applique, embroidery, and patchwork quilting to design artful, quirky, and youthful creations that are both feminine and fun.

All images are from Style.com.




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