Amazing Paper Fashion Exhibition at MoMu

14 05 2009

These brilliant paper garments makes me very happy.  This exhibition is at Fashion Museum Province of Antwerp.  If you are in Belgium this summer check out the show from 3 June until 16 August 2009.  It is one of the best Fashion Museum in the world. This is a renovated historical building in the center of Antwerp.  It is a part of the Flanders Fashion Institute (the fashion department of the Antwerp University).

The Fashion Museum opened its doors in September 2002.  The MoMu collection features a very diverse collection of clothing, lace, embroidery, fabrics and tools for artisan textile processing.  Every year the MoMu organises two thematic exhibitions, with a side programme consisting of workshops, guided tours, lectures and debates.


These two dresses are quite amazing.  I think the folding techniques of Origami were employed.  They are fantastic!


Postal dress.  Very clever.


Who can go wrong with a Bob Dylan dress?


You can wear your coat and get your news at the same time.


I loved working with paper in school.  It was a lot of fun using a different medium other than fabric to make dresses.  Although, some sewing techniques worked well with paper and some were not so successful at all.  I enjoyed the sound of the crisp paper under the sewing machine.  Fun project.

I almost forgot to mention that MoMu is a famous museum because of the popularity of the Belgium Six.  It was a group of designers that gained world wide recognition after graduating in the early eighties.  They made Antwerp well known for its fashion scene.  Those six people are: Walter Van Beirendonck, Ann Demeulemeester, Dries Van Noten, Dirk Van Saene, Dirk Bikkembergs and Marina Yee.  Some of these designers are my personal favourites.  

All images are from antwerp fashion observer.  Check out MoMu site here.




2 responses

14 05 2009

I love the sound of the needle punching through paper and the fagility of it. Beautiful images! Maybe we should play with some paper sometime?! congrats again on your new space on 23rd! Can’t wait to see your shop in June. XO*a

14 05 2009

it is going to be crazy next few weeks. although i am looking forward to design the shop interior. it is such an enjoyable process. thank you so much for your congrats!

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