A Bob and A Brad Collection via Strut

21 05 2009

This is our second year of participating with Strut, Equal Rights Oregon.  Jonny has always been amazing to work with.  He is organized and very professional.  A breath of fresh air.  Caitlin and I did our usual routine.  Lots of Polaroids and loads of steaming.  It was really fun!  We showed our Autumn/Winter 09 Collection inspired by music of Bob Dylan.

I believe that music is a vital part of the soul.  In particular, the music of Bob Dylan has provided a constant rhythm to my life and my husband Brad’s life.  To me, Dylan’s music is raw, complicated and epitomizes Americana.  Dylan’s composition and poetic sensibility reminded me of abstract paintings, modern buildings and rugged landscape.  It is very masculine and raw, yet also has an underlying softness to it.

Idom1For my Autumn/Winter 2009 IDOM collection I was inspired in part by Dylan’s music to play with  the dichotomy of femininity and masculinity.   As an example, I chose a light, soft palette of fabric which I juxtapose with bold, studded silver details.

idom2The colour palate for this collection includes  gray, brown, black, gold, blue and surprising burst of vibrant red.


Idom8My Autumn/Winter 2009 collection is also my first to included pants and tailored jackets which I created to represent   a more masculinity side.

Idom9Idom5I also use raw zippers—fold them as flowers—and  place them along soft textured fabrics.

Idom6Idom7In Bob Dylan’s work I hear complex music with  many layers.  This inspired me to combine the concept of pleating  with structured silhouettes.

Idom4I designed this collection as one that is full of optimism and American dreams.

Idom10This collection is dedicated to the beauty of Bob Dylan’s music and to the love of my life, Brad.

Many thanks to Jonny Shultz of Q6.

Thank you to the models and the staff for volunteering their time and expertise for such good cause, Equal Rights Oregon.

All photos are from Samantha Swaim.




2 responses

21 05 2009

Nice stuff! Looks like a fun show. Hope the move’s going well!

22 05 2009

thanks so much. hope you are doing and feeling well. 🙂

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