Are we done yet?

2 06 2009

Searching for a new home for IDOM has been a long process.  We started looking since December.  It was a definite roller coaster ride for my loved ones.  Long phone calls to mum and dad asking for their advice.  A bit hard for them since they lived so far away.  They also are not very familiar with Portland locations.  Difficult on Brad and my relationship.  Was it worth it to take another big risk on moving?   It will be hard on us financially and emotionally.  Luckily we finally found a perfect fit.  An old Seaplane boutique space.  Seaplane is such an iconic institution for independent designers in Portland.  I adore the space and its history.  It is so light and airy.  I can see myself going to work and being really happy in the space.  We did the big jump.  Here we are doing it all over again.


Thank you very much to Brad for putting up with me and my crazy life.  He was literally my contractor and electrician.  His dad Joe was also kind to come out and help us.  Many thank yous to my friends, Mary, Angie, Carla, and Salwa for doing all the hard work with me.  You guys are amazing!


More unpacking.

Thank you very much to everyone for your help and your support.




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