Our first day at work

2 06 2009

It is funny how life works…  Brad started his new job today on 1st of June.  I started my old job in a new location on the same day.  We both had a great first day!

The shop is finally done after many days and nights of long hours.  I am truly grateful for my friends, my parents, and my partner.  It takes so much planning, time, and resources for this to happen.  I could not have done this without their support.  Thank you so much for allowing me to follow my dreams.


The shop is finally opened for business today.


This long coffee table was the old platform for the front window for our Alberta old space.  It is a recycled walnut wood piece.  We could not imagined cutting up the piece to fit the new front window.  We just added legs and converted to a table.  Perfect solution.


When we did our build out.  We really wanted to utilized the concept of sustainability.  All the shelves are recycled old barn wood beams from outside Scappose.


First window in the new space.  The girls are doing construction and wall painting work.  The props were found easily.   Since that is what we have been doing for the last two weeks.  Jenny Yuen handbag on paint cans.


More painting.


I have always loved the idea of pattern on pattern.  The Ikat printed chair to the left is a great match for my other patterned chair.  Extra room for people to sit and hang out.  The dressing room walls are antique Japanese screen doors.  Another round coffee table in the middle is an old carved wood from Kenya.  I was lucky enough to find a new counter from a cute beautiful boutique on Mississippi, Amalee.  It was constructed by the same artist that did our shelves, Jason Olcott.  The counter frame was an old vintage door from Rebuilding center.  The top is granite.  Again I love the idea of mixing the modern with the global influence.


I am delighted that we found an exquisite home for our little IDOM.  Please come by and visit us.  Our new address is 827 NW 23rd street, between Johnson and Kearney.  We are open everyday Monday through Saturday 11 am until 6 pm and Sunday 11 am until 5 pm.  Hope to see you soon.




7 responses

2 06 2009

It looks AMAZING! Elements of the old shop, but such a different feel, gorgeous. So excited to come see it! xoxo

2 06 2009

Hip, Hip, Hurray! Many congratulations. It was a pleasure helping you create this beautiful store. I can’t wait to visit! much love, *a

2 06 2009
Tami T.

Angie has shared with me your lovely store and fantastic products. Alberta was nice but the photo’s of this new space shine!
My husband would say “break a leg” !
Tami T.

2 06 2009

CONGRATULATIONS! What a fantastic space and perfect new home for your wonderful shop. Best wishes for this new chapter in Idom’s life!

2 06 2009

hi you guys, thank you and thank you for everything! it is my dream space. i love being here. hope to see all of you soon. the grand opening party will be on friday june 12th. will have some drinks and sweets. looking forward to be celebrating with all of you soon.

4 06 2009
tribble & mancenido

congrats!!! the space looks marvelous and beautiful! can’t wait to come visit!

4 06 2009

hi miss t, are you back in the city? hopefully we can catch up with each other. come to this coast and visit us soon! you can see stares at trees again. 😀

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