Unpacking the goodies

17 06 2009

It is always such a touch and go situation with parcel of our IDOM babies.  This process has been a constant challenge to our business.  At my old job we used to have importing, exporting, and shipping department for all the goods coming or going from the states.  We also had technical design department, production department, quality control department and marketing department.  Right now I am it for everything.  Being an independent designer is not that easy or that glamorous.  It is often lots of work and many sleepless nights worrying about all the details.  When we first started this venture about two and half years ago.  One of our container got flagged by US customs.  All the garments were in US customs custody and warehouse for five months.  We had to pay a big warehouse fee while the container was held.  Plus we couldn’t open the shop for a long time.   Due to the fact that we didn’t have any product.  Oh, yes and there is that high tariff for each clothing item.  The natural fiber also gets higher tariff than polyester.  Don’t ask me why.  It drives me mad.  Of course all the fiber that I often used are natural dyed hand loomed cotton and silk.  Also I don’t get any tariff break due to my low quantity of goods.  The system is definitely corporate friendly.  Sorry I didn’t mean to bore you with US trade policy, importing and exporting regulations.  On a better note the box made it to the shop without any worries.  It made me so happy.  Hooray!


My parents are now the quality control and the shipping department.


Detail from Angie Dress.  Yes, and the mom to the dress, Angie came by and said hello to her babies.


Maura Dress.  I can’t wait for Maura to try it on.  I really have to keep one for myself.  There are still more pieces being sewn at the moment.  They should be arriving in few weeks.

Some of you have asked me why go through all of this production and shipping challenges all the time.  Why not produced here in Portland?  I would love to produce here someday.  However, I have these amazing women and men that are fantastic artists. They are helping me sew all of these beautiful pieces.  Their expertises are beyond my imagination.  I also have a wonderful community of loomers and dyers that are incrediblly talented.  I love working with each and everyone of them.  One piece of clothing literally supports a whole family for quite sometime.  We are a global community.  Our decision in daily lives really effect people from all over the wolrd.  We have to start asking questions of where things are coming from, how they were made, and who made them?  I want to be a part of solution.  I want to pay people with living wages and still preserve the art and the craft of the region.  Economic hardship most often creates harsh social issues.  My hope is that these artists will continue to stay in their community thriving, working, and living a good life.




4 responses

17 06 2009

It’s good to hear about all of the logistics, most of us would never know anything about it. I can’t believe how much work it takes to get those gorgeous pieces into the shop!

Can’t wait to try on the Maura dress, hooray! Looks gorgeous. 🙂

17 06 2009

Heck, I want to try on the Maura Dress too! It’s beautiful.

17 06 2009

thanks you guys! i am happy that the parcel made it here safe and sound.
enjoy your day!

17 06 2009

I love the Angie dress! your talent is endless my dear friend! I look forward to trying on and buying all of your babies! *a

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