The best day at IDOM!

23 06 2009

Sometime it is difficult to be at the shop all the time dealing with the public.  I am developing a much thicker skin as a designer and a human being.  I often get ignored when I say hello to people that come through the door.  Most often they don’t say goodbye or thank you.  Some even verbalized unbelievable comments about our clothes or our shop without any consideration for anyone feelings.  I always wanted to ask them “if they were raised by wolves?”  Where are the manners and the respect?  Should their parents be proud of the way that they behaved?  These are my fantasy lines.  No wonder that some retail people are so aloof to the public.  They have been hurt too many times.

So when great people appeared in my life.  They truly make my day!  I am so touched by their nice and pleasant interaction.  I met the most fun loving and great people today.  The day like this really makes me happy to do what I’m doing.  Yesterday was fantastic as well.  So sorry I didn’t have my camera to proof my evidence of a brilliant day.  Big shout out to wonderful New Yorkers, sweet LA girls, Minneapolis wonderful mom and daughter, and our own hip Portland Fuchsia.  All of you made me a happy camper!


I met the delightful beautiful Tara today.  She made me so ecstatic as a designer.  It is a pure joy to see my work on her.  She is a new proud owner of an Elizabeth dress.  Hooray!


Maura blouse also found a good home with Tara.  I adore the blouse with her jeans and her shoes.  Want those shoes.  Tara was so lovely and so sweet.  I had such a fun time chatting with her.  Thank you so much for letting me take your photos.  And thank you for supporting our IDOM.  You made my day so much better.  Thank you!


It was my lucky day to meet so many nice people.  Valarie to the left and James to the right took home these heart shaped rings from Bangkok.  James bought her auntie Valarie the matching ring.  The most wonderful people.  It was great to see James again.  I met her when we were on Alberta street.  These two women are looking beautiful.  Thank you for allowing me to take your photos.


Many thanks to all of you for making my day so much brighter.  I am so touched by your kindness.  My heart is full of joy.




2 responses

23 06 2009
miss james

joy is infectious! it was lovely to sneak into your shop and love up your beautiful clothing… and to share it with someone so dear to me was a greater pleasure, indeed! thank you for your warmth and kindness… it makes the experience of sharing mementos with a loved one so much richer.

23 06 2009

hi miss james, it was a pure pleasure to visit with you and your auntie. thank you so much for the lovely comment. you are right that joy is so infectious. thanks very much again for brightening up my day.

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